In the Funk & Wagnalls New Comprehensive International Dictionary of the English Language, Deluxe Edition, we find the following definitions: (Condensed to save space).

TRESPASS: 1 Law; To violate willfully and forcefully the personal and property rights of another; commit a trespass with on or upon. 2 To pass the bounds of propriety or rectitude, to the injury of another, intrude offensively; encroach with or upon. 3 To violate a positive law, rule, or custom.

INVADE: 1 To enter with or as with hostile intent as for conquering or plundering. 2 To encroach upon; trespass on, to invade privacy. 3 To spread over or penetrate injuriously, etc.

TRANSGRESS: 1 To break over the bounds of, as a law; violate. 2 To pass beyond or over (limits); exceed, trespass, etc.

AGGRESSION: 1 An unprovoked attack; encroachment. 2 Habitual aggressive action or practices, etc.

I could continue to define words for those who naively believe the redefined definitions of actions we see today.

I won’t even define “immigration” for everyone is familiar with the migration of birds in the winter seeking a better climate. WE ARE NOT BIRDS, WE HAVE PROCEDURES and laws we follow when we intend to move to another house, apartment, city, or country. These procedures involve compliance with the provisions of your new contract, landlord, city ordinances, or new country.

We legal immigrants from all over the world know this. We have obeyed and complied with the immigration laws of this United States.

The left continues to do what it is known to do, i.e. to rename an action with a new term, one that is harmless or endearing so we go along with the left’s manipulations. Instead of Trespasser or Invader, they have the words “Migrant”, “Undocumented”, “Dreamer”, etc.

 Political Correctness or renaming a crime has served them right everywhere in the world. If you want to hear the truth about the tragic events that are visiting us, the citizens of the United States, natural-born or legalized, you need to go to another country and read their news the way they report it.

The Canadians have been speaking loudly about the demise and betrayal of our country for a long time, as have the Australians, Europeans, and Israelis. All of them see what’s wrong in the United States, and are bracing for impact, praying that we, the people will wake up and do something.

I believe that our time has come. We, the legal immigrants in this country are called upon to defend it. We, who have received enormous blessings and acceptance from our fellow Americans no matter their color or ethnicity, need to save our country. We need to become a thorn in the flesh to our members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

This, I repeat, is not a political issue any more. Now it is a matter of the survival of the United States as we know it, a resistance to what Washington is doing from their ivory tower. Transforming us into a country only the elite will enjoy. Impoverishing us is part of the plan. Dividing us in every way is also part of the plan.

Instead, I say. WE ARE A FAMILY. Those in Washington that prefer the invaders, trespassers, and bring in people that want to harm us have betrayed us. If you see a crime being committed against someone and you stay silent, you become an accomplice. That’s why I will hold both parties responsible.

This article could be five pages long if I were to describe the harms that we, the citizens of the United States, legal immigrants and descendants, have been unfairly targeted for. It’s DISCRIMINATION against the law-abiding citizen.

I urge you to visit and read numerous articles on the subject of immigration alone. If you want to learn more about other issues go to Learn the truth, without political correctness. Join the move to save our country.

God bless the United States of America!

Amapola Hansberger

President, Legal Immigrants for America


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