Dear Friends of LIFA:

If you go to “Most Dangerous Countries for Travel.” the Latin American nations in the top ten most dangerous countries in the world are #5 El Salvador and #9 Honduras. Both in the northern triangle from where the caravans come to the United States.

President Trump made agreements with the Presidents of the northern triangle as well as Mexico to keep the caravans from penetrating the United States. He is right, the people coming from those countries and other countries are hostile to our Constitutional Republic and laws. They pose a security threat to the population of the United States. An article in the Wall Street Journal of 1/18/2020 reports that a new caravan from Honduras is on their way to the United States with about 2,500 people so far. The Mexican authorities readied themselves and did not permit them to advance from the Guatemalan border. Thank you President Lopez Obrador!

But the intruders are not alone. Mexico has also detected Middle Easterners, Africans, and Asians coming also. The Mexican Police’s attitude towards the arrival of migrants from those countries, most with ties to terrorism, is revealing. It’s the new normal:

Our country has every right to protect itself against this planned invasion. The leaders of the caravan, mostly males, act uncivilized. They trample and disrespect the sovereignty of Mexico and the United States by tearing down fences, attacking and trying to overwhelm the Police and Border Patrol. Totally disrespecting their sovereignty and immigration laws. Their behavior is recorded for the world to see. The question we should ask is: why are mob members treated like victims when they make it to our borders, and accepted as political asylum seekers?

How are we the US citizens and legal residents to act, since this Congress ignores the will of the people to bring that to a stop? We should write and call our Representatives on both sides of the aisle and express our frustration. It is time Congress supports our president when it comes to defend and protect the American people.

We need to make it clear that we support President Trump’s sending the National Guard to the border and/or closing the border temporarily.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America