SANCTUARY CITIES AND JUDICIAL MADNESS: Judge blocks Trump’s effort to end sanctuary cities — the day after a border patrol agent is bludgeoned to death.

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On November 24, 2017, FrontPage Magazine published my article:


Judge blocks Trump’s effort to end sanctuary cities — the day after a border patrol agent is bludgeoned to death.

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My article for FrontPage Magazine today is predicated on two events- first the horrific attack on two Border Patrol agents along the border that is supposed to separate the United States from Mexico.  That attack left one of those agents dead and his partner grievously injured.

The second event came just one day after the violent attack on those Border Patrol agents when a federal judge permanently blocked the Trump administration from withholding certain funds from cities that have declared that they would not assist the Department of Homeland Security in enforcing our immigration laws.

Cities and states that refuse to cooperate with immigration law enforcement have been identified as “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States.”  In reality they should really be referred to as “Magnet Cities”  and “Magnet States” that attract foreign criminals, gang members, drug traffickers and terrorists.  Alternatively, those jurisdictions could be accurately referred to anarchies.

Furthermore, lawful immigrants and nonimmigrants who abide by the terms of their admission into the United States need no “protection” from immigration law enforcement personnel.  That false and dangerous narrative needs to be repudiated at every opportunity.

Ignorance is not bliss.  Knowledge is power so my article provides some cold hard facts for you to consider and hopefully share with others.

If you like my article I ask that you make a point of posting it on FaceBook and other social media and forward this e-mail to as many folks as you can.  It is important to dispel the lies and nonsense about the true nature and significance of effective immigration law enforcement in this particularly perilous era.

Being “Pro-Enforcement” is not “Anti-Immigrant.”  Indeed, advocates for immigration anarchy are actually taking an “Anti-Immigrant” position by obfuscating the line that separates lawful immigrants from illegal alines.  To provide a bit of clarity, while we are indeed a “Nation of immigrants” America is not a nation of trespassers.  The difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is comparable to the difference between a house guest and a burglar.

Americans must be willing to stand their ground and not be intimidated by the false accusations- far too much hangs in the balance!  We must speak out against mayors and governors who create “Sanctuary Cities” and “Sanctuary States.”

Many people have come to complain that we have become too “Politically Correct” to speak the truth about important issues.  My view is that the artful use of language that has been described as examples of political correctness are in fact, examples of Orwellian “Newspeak.”

Having invoked George Orwell, it is appropriate to consider a couple of his brilliant quotes:

Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.


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