More evidence that we have been conned


Dr. Robert McHugh wrote in Technical Indicator newsletter

It is interesting how much draconian power the states’ Governors have seized over the past six weeks, often acting without the consent of the state legislatures, and without the consent of the people, which is in violation of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is even more interesting how nobody is stopping this power grab. I was watching the History Channels’ Sons of Liberty production of how America was birthed, over the weekend. How sad to see what has happened to our freedoms they fought so valiantly for, how sad to see the violations of the first, fifth and fourteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution occurring now with little resistance. What an incredible totalitarian takeover of the United States. Our U.S. Constitution does not permit the loss of our liberties over a bad flu bug. Something else is going on. The stock market and oil crash did not happen because of the virus. It happened because of the lockdown. 

The hunch here is wave C-down, another crash, will occur as it becomes clear to most people what is really going on here, the political and economic takeover of the United States of America. TV ads that were prepared long before the shutdown, propagandize the “new normal,” brainwashing viewers that losing our rights is ok, and is patriotic. It is not ok, and is not patriotic to lose our elections, our right to work and by extension hold onto property, the right to peaceably assemble in churches, the right to shop without masks, the right to travel unrestricted, the right to live life in liberty. 2.7 million Americans die every year. That is 225,000 per month on average. 56,000 deaths have been attributed to the COVID-19 virus, about 14,000 per month in 2020, with about a third coming from people living in Nursing Homes that have preconditions of heart disease, cancer, and other infirmities such that they likely would have died from a bad cold. The life expectancy of those living in a Nursing home is 1.7 to 3 years. 50,000 die on average from the flu per year. According to the CDC’s website, in March 2020 there were a total of 193,000 deaths in the US.  The average number of deaths in the US for March over the four years prior to 2020 (2016 – 2019) is 227,000.  The difference between this year and the average for the past four years is 34,000 fewer deaths in spite of COVID-19.  2020 deaths are 85% of the average of the prior four years.

The total population in the U.S. is 331 million.  People die. It happens. People get sick. It happens. What right does government have to destroy lives, destroy dreams, imprison healthy people, remove civil rights, because of a bad virus that most people recover from who get it? None is the answer.

Resources should be sent to hospitals if necessary. But removing the civil rights of all Americans is unconstitutional. Period. Where is our modern-day George Washington, our John Adams, our Thomas Jefferson, to rise up and put an end to this oppression? This is a totalitarian takeover, by cunning, by stealth, intentional, and evil. Period. Wave C-down is coming because of this. The behind the scenes elitist Fascists got this far, they are not giving us our civil rights and freedoms back. Grand Supercycle degree wave {IV}, correcting centuries of a Grand Supercylce degree wave {III} up, has started with unthinkable shutdowns of all mankind, not ever seen on a scale this large, even all the way back to Adam and Eve. If they got this far, what is next? Removal of our freedoms of speech and the press? Illegal search and seizures? Imprisonments without due process? Where does it end?

“Government derives its power from the consent of the governed.” Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence, 1776.”