More proof the Joe Biden voters are tied in with the Chinese Communist Party


China has had an ongoing ongoing policy against freedom of religion. In some places, churches are shuttered or destroyed, and the faithful arrested. But in America, we are now seeing policies in some states that look more like China than the United States of America!
I share below what we are experiencing nationwide. I also want to remind you of a generous challenge grant that will automatically double the impact of your donation! – Mat


Pastors have been arrested, churches are threatened to be bulldozed, churchgoers have lost their livelihoods for attending a specific church, religious singing is banned and even home bible studies made illegal.

Governors and local officials across the country are attempting to silence Christians and drive the church underground. These politicians and bureaucrats might as well be following the Chinese Communist Party line… and sadly, not enough Americans are standing against the tyranny that may cost us our religious freedom for all time.

The Bible tells us to give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar, but the Church never belonged to Ceasar… not in the Old Testament or New, and certainly NOT NOW.

Ceasar, or in this case state and local officials, are NOT the high priests of Christianity or Judaism. Neither under Biblical law, nor under the United States Constitution, is any level of government allowed to dictate religious practices to the church or ban worship. Yet, in state after American state, our churches are under unbelievable attack.

It is time for the American church to STAND against the assaults threatening to destroy our religious freedom. Liberty Counsel will be standing with pastors and their churches.  I hope you will too, for the very fabric of our nation is being ripped apart.

Consider this…

If I described for you the conditions of churches in a country where…

  • Only government-authorized churches are allowed to open
  • In-home Bible studies and fellowships are banned
  • Pastors are arrested for preaching
  • Churchgoers lose their jobs for attending a church service
  • Police block the entrances to church buildings
  • Churches approved to meet must display a badge on their building
  • Churches are threatened to be bulldozed for having more than 10 people in attendance

…you would probably think I was discussing China, Iran or some other anti-God country. While all these things can and do happen every day to persecuted Christians and religious minorities around the world, the things I described above are happening right now in one or more of our legal cases — right here in America!

Liberty Counsel currently has five federal lawsuits filed on behalf of churches in Maine, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois and California.

  • In Maine, churches must apply to the state government for permission to operate. Only churches granted a state-issued “badge” of approval are allowed to operate. The badge must be displayed on the outside of the building.
  • In Virginia, a pastor was arrested for having just six people more than the governor’s illogical 10-person order at his Palm Sunday church service. Police officers remained stationed in the church parking lot to warn prospective attendees away.
  • In Kentucky, 14 people were put on mandatory 14-day quarantine, the equivalent of house arrest, for simply attending a drive-in-stay-in-your-own-car Easter Sunday service. As a result, many of those churchgoers lost their “essential service” jobs and have been unable to find new work.
  • In Illinois, the state and local governments targeted Romanian immigrant churches – towing the cars of neighbors around the church to gin up hate and resentment against the church, using police vehicles to block the church parking lot, and even threatening to seize and demolish the church buildings should the church meet with more than 10 people inside.
  • In California, all religious singing and chanting is banned and in 32 counties, representing 80% of the California population, people cannot worship in church, including a ban on Bible studies or fellowship in their own homes.

You would think I was taking about repressive countries where such things happen every day and believers have been driven underground into secret meetings. Yet these are just a sampling of the unbelievable restrictions and government abuse happening in America.

And this does not include the outrageous stories we have heard from the approximately 2,000 pastors in 44 states whom we are counseling on navigating their own state and local officials’ unconstitutional edicts.

Yet, at the same time, nearly all these tyrannical state and local officials have endorsed and encouraged the non-social distanced and often violent riots tearing America apart!

The body of Christ in the United States is under attack… but thank God for YOU.

YOUR continued support of Liberty Counsel makes it possible for us to defend American churches under attack by governors and local officials who think themselves to be the “high priests” of every religion, able to dictate religious practices at will.

Most people, let alone pastors, could never afford to defend themselves against the endless financial resources of government officials – especially if their battle goes all the way to the Supreme Court. YOUR GENEROSITY makes it possible for Liberty Counsel to defend these beleaguered pastors and churches for free.

And make no mistake, Liberty Counsel intends to take our cases to the highest court in the land if necessary. We CANNOT allow the persecution of Christians to continue in America. We MUST stand in defense of religious liberty TODAY so that our children and grandchildren can practice our faith freely tomorrow.

And right now, a generous supporter has established a challenge grant which will effectively double your impact in keeping religious freedom FREE. Please, do not let this offer pass you by. We simply cannot defend churches, pastors and the First Amendment without YOU.

The Christian church has been essential for over 2,000 years. Please, help us keep churches open and operating here in the United States!

Finally, please be in prayer for Liberty Counsel as well as for the American church as a whole. We know from whom these attacks ultimately originate, and we very much need your prayers.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

In Christ,

Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel