Muslims have destroyed hundreds of churches throughout Europe. Do you think this was any different?


The last thing that liberal politicians will ever admit is that Muslims caused, death, destruction or harm.



The last thing that liberal politicians will ever admit is that Muslims caused, death, destruction or harm.

And the establishment media is always there to back them up.

For the past decade, I’ve worked closely with the counter-jihad movement in France, in particular with the intrepid Maxime Lepante and by the time I saw the flames whipping across the 673-year-old spires of Notre Dame, my email and phone were blowing up with news from the ground.

On the heels of Easter and the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka (much more on that later) here’s what I know and can share with you:

  • Restoration work within the cathedral had not even begun. Scaffolding was still being put in place.
  • Strict rules were in place by all workers within the building. There were to be no sources of heat near the wood of the roof. No electrical plugs nor welding were allowed. Paris’ Architect in Chief Phillippe Villeneuve, stated, “the hot spot hypothesis is therefore not the right one.”
  • The head of the company in charge of the scaffolding construction was clear that when the fire started, no workers were on site and no activity was taking place. Before then the owner stated, “All safety procedures on the Notre-Dame de Paris site have been respected.”

A source who studied Art history had visited the roof of Notre Dame and was overwhelmed by the amount of protection surrounding the roof materials. No work takes place in that location without a cadre of historians, architects and experts.

From these multiple sources, the conclusion was the same, “someone had to bring something there and light it up.”

When French President Macron so quickly denied arson – before the fire was even extinguished – I knew something was up.

But as with any terrorist event, you have to read between the lines of the official media and government narratives, and look for your own evidence.

It didn’t take long before terrorist organization began publishing their own evidence online.

One ISIS linked group, Al-Muntasir, quickly posted memes of the blazing church with the words in Arabic, “It’s time to say goodbye to your oratory polytheism.”

A scan of social media (which allows Jihadists, ISIS members and other terrorists), showed post after post such as this one, “800 years of history of pedophilia, worship of Satan and other diabolical rituals, all up in smoke in a few minutes.”

Another open Al-Qaeda supporter wrote, “I rejoice and praise Allah as I witness the fall of the oldest cross.”

So much for Islam being a religious of tolerance and peace . . . but we knew that.


Thanks so much for all that you do.

God Bless,

Tom Trento


The United West


P.S. Reports continue to flow in from France. As I validate the information, I’ll share with you. In the meantime, help us get back to 100% by donating here.


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