The new Trump Wall is going to be great!  The new prototypes are required to be at least 18 feet tall and 6 feet deep to prevent digging under them.  They must also be very hard to climb and very hard to cut through.

The 8 new prototypes being built must be completed by Oct. 25 and then DHS will decide which prototype(s) to use to build many hundreds of miles of new border fence/wall along the southern border, starting in Eastern California and Arizona.  San Diego already has 14 miles of secure double fencing with triple strand barb wire at the top starting at the beach in Imperial Beach all the way to the east past Otay Mesa.  Most of that fencing has been in place for about 15 years and has reduced illegal border crossings in San Diego by more than 95%.   Secure border fencing and walls work!   That is why the pro-alien Left and the open border RINOs are so against them.

Now we must all pressure Congress to fully fund the border wall construction for 2018!  Paul Ryan and his cronies are doing everything they can to block it.

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