New Mexico Citizens Stage Revolution Against Migrants


Written by Carmine Sabia | Source: TheFederalistpapers | May 22, 2019 11:18 PM

Two more New Mexico counties have declared their opposition to taking in migrants in a growing revolt against federal authorities dropping off a surge in Central American families in the state’s rural, southern communities.

The record influx of asylum seekers has overwhelmed border detention facilities and shelters, forcing U.S. immigration authorities to bus migrants to nearby cities and even fly them to California.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, has received over 6,000 migrants since April 12. Deming, population 14,183, gets 300 to 500 a day, according to City Administrator Aaron Sera.

Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims of a border security crisis and advocated a humanitarian response. She is in Washington seeking federal funds to reimburse cities that give support.

But some New Mexico counties say they want nothing to do with sheltering migrants, with one official saying the governor’s approach may worsen the border crisis.

Sierra County, population 11,116, was one of two Republican-controlled New Mexico counties to pass resolutions on Tuesday evening opposing the relocation of migrants to their communities.

Sierra County also called on Trump to close the border to immigration to end the crisis.

“We have to take care of our veterans, our seniors, our residents, first and foremost,” said County Manager Bruce Swingle. “We’re a very impoverished county.”

Sierra County has a median annual household income of $29,690 and a 21 percent poverty rate, according to Data USA.


To the east, Lincoln County passed a resolution that it was not prepared to spend taxpayer dollars on housing “illegal immigrants,” said Commissioner Dallas Draper.

“This is a small county. We have 19,000 people, and housing right now is already an issue for the people who are here,” Draper said.

The moves followed a similar May 2 resolution by neighboring Otero County.

County Commission Chairman Couy Griffin said sheltering migrants sent the wrong message to other Central Americans thinking of leaving their homes and would deepen the border crisis.

“If you begin to feed pigeons in the parking lot, pretty soon you have every pigeon in town,” Griffin said.

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Lujan Grisham spokesman Tripp Stelnicki said there was no evidence humanitarian aid encouraged people to leave their homes.

“They are moving because they have no other choice and its frankly un-American to suggest we close our doors to people in need,” he said.

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Reuters contributed to this report.

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LA residents not so quick to welcome illegal immigrants brought by CBP

This article was sourced from Hot Air

As we’ve all learned by now, the courts and detention facilities at the southern border are packed to the brim and the White House has been working on ways to reduce the overcrowding by shipping some detained illegal aliens to other locations.

That happened recently when CBP shipped roughly 100 “migrants” to the Customs and Border Protection station at Murrieta, California. (More correctly, the Theodore Newton and George Azrak Border Patrol Station.) Since this facility is located just south of Los Angeles and we’re talking about a welcoming sanctuary state, they were greeted with open arms by caring locals.

Naw, I’m just kidding. People started showing up to protest or just “monitor” the situation to make sure they weren’t unleashed into the community. (CBS Los Angeles)

An unknown number of migrants were recently flown into Murrieta’s Border Patrol facility and some in the community were quick to stand in front of the gates to let them know they’re not welcome to stay.

Murrieta resident Bob Kowell says he’s all for legal immigration but told CBSLA’s Nicole Comstock that a source informed him of 100 undocumented immigrants being flown in from the Texas border to San Diego, then bussed to Murrieta over the weekend to be processed.

“We can be called a racist and we’ll just smile. Because we don’t care,” said Kowell. “We’re watching to see where and when they’ll move.”

One of the locals interviewed by CBS said he had heard from an unnamed law enforcement source that the migrants were going to be processed and released at nearby bus and train stations. That has them “concerned” and they will be watching to make sure it doesn’t happen. The one quote from the guy is rather amusing. He’s quick to point out that he’s in favor of immigration and isn’t a racist, but he just doesn’t want those people being set loose in his community.

Wait a minute, here… isn’t that just what liberals protesting Trump accuse conservatives of saying? So what he’s basically telling us is he’s a big supporter, but not in his backyard. Got it.

For their part, the local police are saying that’s just not the case. They say the migrants will be held at the facility until their court dates. But Mr. Kowell and his friends will be watching.

It turns out that the station in Murrieta has a bit of history when it comes to protesting illegal immigrants in their midst. Back in 2014, there were buses carrying a couple of hundred migrants to the station and they were met in the streets by more than 1,000 protesters. There were chants of “Go back home!” and “USA” ringing in the streets and they eventually forced the buses to turn around and go back. And keep in mind that this was during the Obama administration and their much “kinder and gentler” immigration programs.

So it’s easy to show up at a march and blame President Trump for being cruel to the migrants. But everything seems to change when the problem moves from the border to your home town, I guess.

This article was sourced from TheFederalistpapers


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