News (albeit tongue in cheek) from Europe


This week’s LIFA article is written by long time LIFA member “Bruni” who grew up in Germany and with her own personal experience plus her continued contact with friends and family has much more awareness of the Europe of today than most of us could possibly have.


News (albeit tongue in cheek) from Europe


Dear friends of LIFA:

William Cowper stated in one of his eighteenth century poems that “Variety is the spice of life.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this affirmation of our differences translated into a communal ‘Kumbaya’ emanating at ear deafening decibels from earth into the stratosphere?  Regrettably the annals of history are endlessly brimming with divergent accounts.  Why can’t we all just get along?

Judging by the round-the-clock news cycles combined with today’s instantaneous social media posts, instead of a tune sung in unison, the ramifications of our ubiquitous discords are rendering a far from perfect global ‘Soundscape.’

On this side of the Atlantic ocean we are ‘blessed’ with milquetoast politicians attempting to find redeeming value in the despicable, anti-Semitic remarks spouted off by callow freshmen in the House of Representatives.  Suppression (to the point of shadow- or outright banning) of dissenting voices by the mostly left-leaning social media giants is now commonplace.  We are also bombarded on a daily basis with the whitewashing by Democrats and the legacy media of an appalling illegal immigration crisis at our southern border, which threatens our sovereignty and causes indescribable human suffering.

With disconcerting headlines from the U.S., let’s take a quick look at the situation across the pond in Europe.

Germany’s highest court of civil and criminal jurisdiction recently ruled that a new law banning child marriage may be unconstitutional, because all marriages, including Sharia-based child marriages, are protected by Germany’s Basic Law.  Aren’t you excited to know that in atavistic fashion you can now again legally ‘pawn off’ your unruly, underage teenage daughter to a willing Muslim suitor in the land of Goethe and Beethoven?

Also, German prisons are teeming with foreign born inmates.  It’s comforting that the authorities are nabbing at least a few of these culprits.  By good luck the native German population doesn’t consider engaging in crime a hobby.  Otherwise the country would be running out of prison cell space in short order.  As it stands the populace is fortunate enough to contribute to the prison luxuries of the foreign born criminals with their hard earned tax money.  What else could they possibly do with those euros?

In Sweden the human rights of returning ISIS fighters take precedence over elderly Swedish pensioners.  An elderly woman, who was afraid of these jihadists, penned a letter expressing her worries to the authorities.  She was duly ‘rewarded’ with a monetary fine for her insolence.  As is correctly stated in the article, a culture that respects the human rights of returning ISIS fighters more than of the elderly women who are afraid of them, is all but done.  What’s so amazing about Swedish culture anyway?

And last but not least, a few ‘multi-culti’ tidbits from our Anglo brethren in the United Kingdom.  You may merely desire to read the first three paragraphs of the linked article.  However, if you are faced with a particularly lengthy bout of boredom, you are welcome to peruse the article’s day by day listing for the month of January.  Who needs cable TV with all that excitement?

Beware the imprints on your toilet paper!  You may be committing blasphemy right in your own bathroom!

Also, you are in all likelihood familiar with the practice of FGM (female genital mutilation), but you may not have been previously introduced to ‘breast-ironing,’ the latest female fashion trend straight from Africa, courtesy of recent immigrants to Great Britain.

Reports similar to the above European accounts have also been surfacing on this side of the Atlantic.  Please heed the warnings of those who’ve previously walked down this path of national destruction.

Do not let the United States of America to be turned into a lawless, third-world nation due to uncontrolled illegal immigration!


God Bless the USA

LIFA contributor


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