Newt Gingrich On Immigration & Fences


Newt Gingrich’s Views on Immigration


Regarding immigration, Gingrich told Marlow that he just came back from Israel. “You can’t spend time in Israel and not believe that fences work. People who say you can’t build a fence are just wrong,” he maintains. He added that Trump is right on this, and that building 95-story sky-scrapers is more complicated than building fences.

The ten time re-elected congressman from Georgia stressed that there must be a strong e-verify network in place, but it would be implausible to round up and deport all who came across American borders illegally. “We are not going to deport 11 million people. We are not going to go into neighborhoods, we’re not going to tear up churches, not going to tear up families. No American system could tolerate that level of personal and dehumanizing process.”

Gingrich does think, however, that America could aggressively deport criminals. “People in neighborhoods would be grateful that you got rid of the criminals,” he insisted. “MS13 Gang from El Salvador, which is now in 70 cities, should be utterly, totally unacceptable to every American.”

The conservative icon added that he finds that when he meets with legal immigrants across the nation, they are the “strongest supporters of insisting on legality. Because they paid their dues; they did the right things. They followed the law. They would like to see an America insisting on returning to that.”

Gingrich maintains there should be a “pathway to legality,” but rejects offering them citizenship before those “waiting patiently” who apply legally. There could be exceptions for some who would enter the military. If one is willing to “risk their lives” for America, extenuating circumstances may apply in that case, Gingrich believes.


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