After delivering thousands of signatures urging “NO DACA, NO DEALS,” President Trump has stated he is open to a pathway for DACA illegal aliens to become citizens.

This is not what President Trump promised to the American people or the Angel Moms and Dads whose children were killed by illegal aliens.

The America First movement went all in to get Donald Trump elected. He looked us in the eye and said that Americans would come first and illegal aliens would be sent home.

President Trump knows very well by sitting in front of these families and holding their hands and speaking with them how our justice system mishandled their cases and how violent illegal aliens were released back into the community.

James Hansberger, anything short of enforcing existing laws would be a slap in the face to not just our angel moms and dads, but every single American that voted for him

Illegal alien criminals are being put first and this is a gross injustice – just like the gross injustice we saw with the Kate Steinle verdict.

Either we have laws, or we do not. America cannot survive another disastrous amnesty scheme — no matter how the politicians spin it.

That’s why your action is so imperative James Hansberger…

…we need to melt the phone lines of the White House and Congress!

Tell them that there can be NO DEAL and NO DACA. They must return to their country of origin and apply to enter lawfully. Mexico has created Centers of Defense and poured $50 MILLION to help illegal aliens circumvent our laws and to remain illegally in our country. This is wrong! We must make it clear that all countries must respect our laws and our Citizens.

Tell Congress and President Trump to keep their promises!

Call your Representative 202-883-4964

Call The White House

Call Speaker Ryan

Call Majority Leader McConnell

White House Switchboard
If can’t get through on comments line

Take action right away, James Hansberger.

And once your done calling, please consider contributing to our efforts to mobilize thousands of Americans in the fight for border security and the rule of law.



Maria Espinoza
National Director and Co-Founder
The Remembrance Project