Dear Friends of LIFA,

The deadly Coronavirus kills a greater percentage of senior citizens than it does younger people. The young people are now faced with the reality that they could lose both their parents and many are panic stricken at the thought.

What the evil virus is highlighting is that normal kids love their parents and grandparents and want no harm to come to them. But some of our young people like Socialism/Communism* and do not realize that puts the state above love of family.

In Socialist/Communist* countries senior citizens, babies, and children are considered second rate citizens. When the “comrades” get old, stop being productive, and the state has to provide for their welfare, they become “parasites” and their lives are expendable.

In times of crises, nationalized health care is rationed and as we see in Italy, short supply items such as ventilators are removed from those over 65 so they can be given to younger people.

Even if you want to attribute good traits to socialist/communist leaders, the truth is, they have to be cruel to lead such regimes and your desire to westernize their feelings is nothing more than wishful thinking. Did you ever hear of a “compassionate Marxist?” The Wuhan virus is exposing some hidden truths.

I’m enclosing the Wall Street Journal article of Monday, March 30th written by Dr. Jeff Colyer on the promising data on a treatment for this nasty disease. If you agree with it, are over 65, and tired of having the threat of a horrible death over your head, then ask your Representative to permit doctors to prescribe small dosages of the Hydroxycloroquin Azithromycin combination to seniors to help them survive the virus if they contract it. As for me, I will be asking my general practitioner to treat me with the combo if I have any symptoms.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America