Now, the Politicians want to take away our Supplements


FYI……Sign and Pass On……Again a Republican, Senator Braun, endorsed by President Trump, joins the Leftist Dick Durbin….

Senators Durbin and Braun are one step closer to creating pre-market approval for dietary supplements a reality.

Their bill was recently tied to the  Food and Drug Administration Safety and Landmark Advancement Act (FDASLA), creating new regulatory barriers and giving the FDA new authority to prevent health and wellness products from reaching millions of consumers.

Sadly, Senator Braun and Durbin are using their dislike of the dietary supplement industry to misrepresent its excellent safety record. The FDASLA is intended for drugs, not supplements, and we can not afford to allow critics to stifle the industry.

Don’t let Senators Braun and Durbin threaten your access to dietary supplements. Let Congress know you oppose pre-market approval for nutritional supplements. Click here to write your members of Congress today.

Thank you,

Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Natural Products Association