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Reflecting on the article posted from Bear Witness Central “Just Who Are the Dreamers?”, and the findings made by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). These paint a dramatically different picture of the DACA recipients to that which the Leftist Media has been depicting for the last year and a half. This should be an eye opener; Fake News is real.

The CIS findings that half of the eligible DACA aliens have only a “basic” proficiency of the English language and 24 percent are considered “below basic” or “functionally illiterate” might surprise some.  But if you think about it, you have to recognize that parents are the greatest influence in a child’s life.  Sadly, you cannot teach your children what you don’t know.  How can you teach English, math, reading, ethics, and morals when you don’t possess this knowledge and these traits yourself?

The Left has politicized immigration for decades.  Jimmy Carter prohibited all government workers to call an illegal alien, illegal alien.  They, he said, were to be called “undocumented immigrants”.   Meaning, we, legal and illegal immigrants are just separated by a piece of paper.  We are all alike, which is a distortion of the truth.  His strategy worked, and the Media responded.  To this day, you will never hear the mainstream Media mention that there are any differences between the two.   The “migrant community” is “one”.

Without the votes of illegal immigrants, anchor babies, and U.N.’s “New American” from the Middle East, conservative Republicans would win most of the elections.  When patriotic Americans learn their Party has become The Globalist/Socialist/Democrat Party, they abandon it. That is why millions of middle class American workers switched to Trump and he won.

That’s the reason the Left has made every effort to import the poorest, neediest, and most illiterate people to America.  They would be the most loyal especially if they were to procure extraordinary benefits and preferential treatment.

President Obama accomplished what he said he’d do:


“I will fundamentally transform the United States of America”. Both of his illegal Executive Orders for DAPA and DACA were part of this plan. 

If Amnesty is given to the DACA recipients by Congress, it will be a struggle for “We the People” to ever get a Conservative elected president, again. 

 The DACA recipients won’t turn Republican and it is foolish to think so.  There might be more than the 800,000 estimated and then you have their spouses and children

 to come; an overwhelming number of Democrats.


For Congress to fall in the trap is suicidal.   The DACA recipients were not victimized by America; on the contrary, they were treated with compassion and, at times, better than Americans and legal immigrants.  They should be grateful for the kindness they’ve received.   It was their country of birth that failed them, and their parents that climbed on top of the train that brought them here.

In many cases the left, including LaRaza, Cair, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. use the DACA issue as a tool to promote sanctuary cities. They don’t talk about the increase in crime that this has already caused in Sanctuary Cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Orlando.

Please call your congressman and tell him or her to vote No on Amnesty and on Sanctuary Cities. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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Legal Immigrants for America

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