We have fruit trees in our backyard in Florida which attract all types of creatures at night. The animals particularly like to munch on the sour cherries which we have on one of our trees.

One night recently we borrowed a trap to capture our furry sour cherry thief. The next morning we heard the cage rattling and discovered the biggest opossum we’d ever seen lurking inside!

We let him go, thinking that the opossum, and any of his furry friends, would think twice before ever returning to our yard.

We were wrong!

The next day we found another opossum trapped in the cage. Perhaps it was the bigger opossum’s mate. We opened the cage to let her go, but she wouldn’t leave the trap! Even a trail of delicious sour cherries leading out of our yard failed to motivate the second opossum to leave. The opossum preferred imprisonment to freedom!

Finally, after several long hours, the opossum left the cage. We couldn’t believe that it took her so long to desire her freedom!

This opossum incident got me thinking: aren’t many American voters just like the opossums?

Too many voters today, and particularly this year in the 2016 presidential election, seem to prefer imprisonment to freedom. Too many voters today seem to prefer big government imprisonment to small government liberty. You show them the benefits of liberty, but they prefer the cage instead.

This is particularly true when it comes to immigration issues.

Too many people in this nation, and especially illegal immigrants and the liberal politicians and religious leaders who enable their illegal acts, see the cage as the best way to live. They want the government to provide everything to them for free – at the expense of American taxpayers, of course – and they gladly give up their liberty as a result. They prefer the cage of government subsidies and welfare to the freedom of hard work and responsible, legal immigration.

Just like the opossum, they prefer to stay in the cage rather than to seek more freedom and a better opportunity in a legal manner.

The opossum-voters also continually support candidates and politicians who want to continue to imprison them, instead of backing those who would grant them more freedom and opportunity.

Opossum-voters, and the politicians they support and elect, are destroying this nation! And with the open borders policy of the current administration, we are letting more and more opossums into the country unchecked! If our backyard in Florida was representative of the USA as a whole, then it would be overrun with opossums devouring all of our fruit!

And yet we let the opossums stay. We do nothing to stop them or capture them.

If this continues much longer, then the opossums will take over. We’re near that point right now.

But there are still some of us who are doing our best to stop the opossums from invading our yard and devouring our fruit. That’s what Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is all about!

LIFA wants the USA to prosper once again, just as it has in the past. This cannot happen if there is an invasion of opossums and nobody there to stop them!

I lost a nation, Nicaragua, when it became a cage of socialism. I don’t want to see my beloved USA become the very same cage.

But we’re headed down that road and toward that cage right now.

And that’s why LIFA needs your help right away!

LIFA is growing quite rapidly, and it’s very exciting to see how Americans from coast to coast are responding to our message. LIFA urgently needs your help today to help keep the opossums at bay!

Please support LIFA today as we go after the donkey, the elephant … and the opossum!

When you support LIFA, you enable us to continue to educate Americans, lobby politicians, conduct live speaking engagements, appear on national radio interviews and other media opportunities, and publish our resources such as THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION, all in our effort to save the USA from an opossum invasion!

Please support LIFA today. We urgently need your help! Please visit our website at www.GoLIFA.com and click on the blue “Donate” button at the top of the LIFA home page, and please make a generous gift. Anyone who makes an online donation of $25 or more at www.GoLIFA.com will receive, free of charge, a copy of our exciting new book entitled THE BIBLE AND IMMIGRATION.

Thank you very much for your support of LIFA.

Please help LIFA today with your online donation so that we can stop the opossum invasion!


Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is a 501 (c) (3) organization.

All donations to LIFA are deductible as charitable donations for income tax purposes.




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