Our vote has never been more important than it is today


Dear Friend of Lifa:

The last few weeks have been one of the most critical periods in American history. Our system of government has been under threat and became within 2 Senate votes of reverting to mob rule instead of the rule of law established by America’s founders. The average life of a country’s constitution throughout the world is only about 35 years. Our Constitution is based on Gods law and has been in place for 227 years. How is it possible that our Constitution has survived while others have failed? A major reason is our system of government is based on our Constitution meaning what it says and not on whatever political winds are blowing or what the current social norms happen to be.

The candidate for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, was nominated by President Donald Trump, who had been elected by the people, all of this according to the Constitution. The losing party, the Democrats, has refused to accept either the constitutional election of the President nor his constitutional nominee for the court. Here is the really bad part: The reason the candidate is unacceptable to the Democrats is that he is a believer in the Constitution as written, the rule of law, and in God. The Democrat opposition has nothing to do with the drummed up, unsubstantiated phony accusations of misbehavior of high school students 36 years ago. It is so obviously made up that all rational people have laughed it off as being totally without merit.

Here are the specifics the Democrats/Socialists can’t stand about Kavanaugh. He believes everyone has equal rights under the law, including the unborn. He believes in the right to own property and that the government has no right to take it away from you without due process. He believes America has the right to protect its borders and a right to determine who can enter, and who and how someone can become a citizen. He believes that someone who breaks the law by entering or overstaying is here illegally and must be dealt with according to American laws. He also believes in religious freedom and that America was founded on Judeo/Christian principals. Something they really can’t stand him for is he believes in the principals of a free capitalist economy and not a socialist government-controlled economy.

The fact that Kavanaugh has now been confirmed makes the upcoming mid-term elections even more important. Let’s pray that the principles that put a true conservative and godly man on the Supreme Court will continue in the voting for our Senators and Representatives. Our vote has never been more important than it is today.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America


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