To: Mayor Buddy Dyer and Members of the City Council

Re:      Resolution affirming that the City of Orlando, Florida shall continue to
           enforce Federal Immigration laws and regulations and shall not adopt
          Sanctuary City Policies

WHEREAS, certain municipalities and counties in the United States have adopted or
implemented sanctuary city policies that limit cooperation with the federal government
in the enforcement of immigration laws and regulations; and

WHEREAS, sanctuary city policies may prohibit the sharing of immigration information
between local law officials and federal agencies; restrict the authority of local police
officers to make arrests for federal immigration violations; restrict local police
responses to federal immigration detainers; and implement other policies intended to
limit cooperation with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); and

WHEREAS, failure to cooperate with the federal government in the enforcement of
immigration laws and regulation may bring financial repercussions that will harm our
lawful resident, both immigrant and native born, in particular the neediest and most
vulnerable among us; and

WHEREAS, the City of Orlando is committed to enforcement of federal immigration
laws and regulations; and

WHEREAS, The Orlando Police Department will send a notification to the United States
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) upon reasonable suspicion that a person
arrested for, or suspect of criminal activity, is not legally present in the United States as
per ICE Detainer Form (1-247A) implemented April 2,2017; and

WHEREAS, the proper authority will respond to an ICE detainer until the end of an
inmates’s scheduled release date. During this time, ICE may arrange to assume
custody of any undocumented immigrants; and
WHEREAS, Purchasing requires that any City contractor or vendor rendering services
or goods in an amount of $3,500 or more must provide a sworn certification of
compliance with all federal immigration laws, including the Federal Immigration Reform
and Control Act; and

WHEREAS, The City of Orlando will abide and enforce all federal and local immigration
laws equally amongst all people showing no favor or bias towards anyone group over
another, end ‘Bias Free Policing’; and

WHEREAS, ICE and Customs Border Protection (CBP) will have full access to city
facilities or person(s) in custody without a warrant; and

WHEREAS, The City of Orlando, Mayor, or by any Executive Order will not prevent
Orlando police officers and city employees from asking about immigration status “except
as required by federal or state statute or court decision.

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Orlando,

1. The City of Orlando, Florida has no intention of adopting policies intended to restrict
the enforcement of federal immigration laws and regulations; and

2. The City of Orlando, Florida, under the direction of the City Manager, will continue
to uphold all federal, state and local immigration laws, and cooperate with ICE, CSP,
and other agencies in the enforcement of the same.