Questions For The Candidates


Questions-For-The-CandidatesThe presidential primary and caucus season begins next week, and there are a lot of men and women who want to be the next President of the United States.

Many Americans are still undecided about which candidate they will vote for in the upcoming primaries and caucuses, so Legal Immigrants For America (LIFA) is here to help!

As Americans from sea to shining sea engage candidates and make final decisions before heading to the voting booths, LIFA highly recommends asking all of the presidential candidates the following set of questions:

How will you promote legal immigration?

How will you strengthen the enforcement of immigration laws already on the books?

How will you strengthen our borders?

Will you build a wall?

Will you oppose all amnesty?

Will you defund sanctuary cities?

How will you prevent H-1B visa abuse and protect American workers?

Will you support an increase in the prevailing wage for foreign workers on H-1B visas?

Will you support a nationwide e-verify system?

Will you prohibit all immigration from Muslim countries?

Will you stop the Syrian refugee program?

Do you believe that terrorists are hidden among the Syrian refugees trying to enter the United States?

Will you enhance penalties for overstaying a visa?

Will you end birthright citizenship and the concept of anchor babies?

Will you end governmental benefits for illegal immigrants?

It’s really very easy: the candidate who answers the most questions correctly is the candidate for whom you should vote in your state’s primary or caucus!

LIFA is beginning a nationwide tour in conjunction with the 2016 presidential campaign in order to educate Americans and to hold the candidates’ feet to the fire on all of these issues!

We urgently need your generous support today!

Please support LIFA with a generous gift today so that we can continue our nation-saving immigration efforts across the USA today! We are very grateful to you for as generous a gift as you can provide online right now!

Ask the presidential candidates all of the above questions, hold their feet to the fire on legal and illegal immigration issues, and help LIFA save the USA today!

For immigration updates, text LIFA to 53445.

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