Dear Friends of LIFA:

In this day and age, you hear about racism, systemic racism, racist cops, white supremacists etc. to keep us in line with political correctness and avoid being labeled such.  The Left has been doing that since the 60’s, getting away with it, and now it is time to hold them accountable for their evil and defend the American people’s reputation.

Accusing someone of being a racist is paramount to accusing him/her of being mentally ill or a criminal.  The Left and Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter love to use that term because it causes pain, destroys people, divides Americans and furthers their agenda of taking over our country and eventually the world.

Since racism is like a mental illness it is not as common as people think.  Ordinarily, racists are unhappy, anti-social, and cruel individuals like sociopaths!  There is something wrong with a person like that, you do not need to be a psychologist to recognize it.

Black Americans should think twice about doing what the Marxists do and label innocent people racist unless they do not mind becoming what they condemn, racists and victimizers.

It is a historical fact that in Socialist/Marxist/Communist countries the Left destroys its opposition by manufacturing falsehoods against their opponents and having their propaganda machine disseminate the lies.  Since they hate God and His children, they feel no guilt or remorse for doing that.  The end justifies the means.

The United States is not a racist country.  There are millions of patriotic Americans that were born in other countries that can testify to that.  Ask those born in China, Cuba, or North Korea.

Slavery is a horrible thing that most of us never saw or bear any responsibility for.  Reliving it keeps our younger generations from healing which is what the Marxists want.  Shockingly, slavery still exists in the Middle East and in Africa.  Muslims have and continue to make millions in that trade.

The fact that poor, desperate people would sell their relatives into slavery is a mystery.  We can only speculate that parents felt their children would starve in their homelands and might have a better life in the New World.  The same phenomenon has happened in recent times in the United States.  Illegal aliens poured into the United States with their children.  Millions of them abandoning them, leaving them behind when they themselves got deported.  They claim their children would have a better future in the United States than they could provide in their homelands.

As the flood of illegal workers came, greed made its appearance.  Suddenly, wealthy industrialists stopped hiring Americans.  The temptation to hire those poor people and pay them a pittance with no benefits was too great.  These unethical employers are equal opportunity predators and race is of no importance to them.

My experience has been that most Americans are too busy studying, working, raising families, and pursuing happiness to adhere to qualifiers in making friends with their neighbors, co-workers, or classmates.  They do not care if their friends are tall, short, thin, heavy, beautiful, ugly, intelligent, dumb, or of a particular race.

Family and friends are treasured in America “The Land of the free” where people are happier, enjoy loving relationships, and guard off negativity.  And above all America is still a Christian nation and Christians are taught to love one another as Christ loved us.

I thank God for the United States of America and for the awesome family of God I became a part of.

The following link shows a satire on just how ridiculous the racial issue is portrayed to be.  DIY: How to be a Woke White Person


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America