Raspail Warned Us. NOW What Do We Do?

Raspail’s prescient 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints told us what was going to happen. I read it years ago and took it for science fiction, much as I had that era’s preoccupation with global cooling.
As persuasive as the book’s premise was, I was not persuaded that it could actually come to pass. In my mind it was what we might today call zombie fiction: boatloads of third-worlders washing ashore in modern Europe, unopposed, even welcomed, into the arms of compassionate, compliant Europeans.
Yet, Raspail’s science fiction is now fact as hundreds of thousands of unassimilable aliens arrive daily in the European Union, which has no idea how or whether to defend its borders, culture, or civilization.

It’s Later Than We Think – Compassion Must Not Over-Rule National Survival

 As National Post columnist Matthew Fisher reports, “Europe is in a deep quandary over how to respond to a huge and growing influx of desperate migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa.” Fisher writes as a compassionate liberal whose sympathies go out to these poor wretches, victims of human traffickers, trusting their lives to rickety boats that frequently capsize. It is hard not to feel sympathy for these hapless multitudes.


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