….and here we go again!

It “APPEARS” Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, was correct when he stated in September 2016 that terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a major city.

This past weekend the capital of the United Kingdom fell victim to yet another attack.  Only this time the perpetrator was a non-Muslim, who inflicted his heinous act supposedly in retaliation for previous slaughter of innocents by professed Muslims.

Earlier this month radical Islamic extremists had committed acts of terrorism on London Bridge, less than two weeks after the Manchester concert attack by a Muslim suicide bomber.

These deplorable actions befalling the British Isles pale however compared to the daily worldwide carnage that is carried out in the name of Allah.

I do take issue with Mr. Khan’s statement, though, that we simply have to live with and accept terror attacks.  Kind of along the lines that the ingestion of food exposes us to food poisoning.  Or that getting behind the wheel of an automobile carries the inherent risk of an accident.

Most of us take precautionary measures whenever we feel it prudent to do so, particularly when these actions might involve saving lives.  That includes properly washing hands and employing sanitized surfaces when handling foodstuff; or demonstrating competence and an understanding of traffic laws before legally operating a motor vehicle that also harbors a slew of safety features to stave off accidents or to mitigate collision injury.

We do require sustenance on a daily basis.

Various modes of modern transportation often play an integral part in our daily lives and for most of us are absolute necessities.

But should we shrug off terrorism as part of our daily bread, an unavoidable by-product and ubiquitous presence of twenty-first century living?

Absolutely not!

These crimes against humanity should never ever be accepted as “part and parcel” of living anywhere.

The case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time has plagued mankind since its existence.  It has generally been interpreted as falling victim to an unlucky occurrence, a series of unfortunate events or simply a fait accompli.

Regrettably these days, on a global scale, certain groups of people are in a purposeful manner and seemingly ad infinitum stacking the deck against the rest of us by engaging in acts of terror meant to kill, maim, injure and ultimately demoralize.

That must stop!

That means vigilance on everyone’s part.

That means communities not hesitating to alert law enforcement of suspicious activity.

That means meaningful vetting of those trying to enter our nation.

That means proper scrutiny and tracking of visitors and their visas.

That means no indiscriminate acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers.

That means assimilation and unequivocal acceptance of the responsibilities accompanying citizenship for those who are fortunate enough to walk on that path.

That means enforcement of our sovereignty, by means of national borders, which in turn will allow for “Legal Immigration.”

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