Dear Friends of LIFA:

Our Constitution says it is our duty to promote change if our government becomes unlawful.

LIFA finds Sanctuary cities and states unconstitutional, unlawful, and frightening.

These cities compromise the security of all residents. This include the natural born, naturalized US citizen, resident alien, and illegal aliens who won’t be immune to dangerous people.

It is common knowledge that Sanctuary cities attract foreign criminals. The great motivator is the fact that Sanctuary States/cities disobey federal law. Criminal aliens are released back to the streets instead of being deported when they commit crimes.

It is cruel for a State or City to replicate the situation some have fled in their countries. And it is sad that the “migrant community” as they call themselves, places such trust on those who, for political reasons, will place their lives in danger along with the rest of the community.

On the the picture below, I am testifying in favor of a bill that will ban Sanctuary cities in Georgia. There were so many people in the room they could not give us more than two minutes and it was strictly adhered to. As is always the case, there were attorneys from the SPLC and other well-known leftist organizations testifying against the bill and in favor of Sanctuary cities.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America