Bristol County Massachusetts Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is offering to let his inmates build President-elect Trump’s border wall separating Mexico from the USA.

Sheriff Hodgson told the Boston Herald that he has proposed sending 8-10 inmates along with a guard to begin to work on the border wall.

Hodgson also noted that he was informed by other sheriffs across the USA that they would like to send some of their prisoners to build the wall as well.

“A lot of sheriffs across the nation want to use this resource,” Hodgson said. “This is a chance for us to save taxpayers’ money. It’s long overdue. We need to turn this country around and put law and order back in place.”

Hodgson’s proposal is based on Project N.I.C.E. (National Inmates Community Endeavors).

“Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful,” Hodgson concluded.

Read more about Sheriff Hodgson’s proposal at this link:

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