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Dear Friends of LIFA:

This has been a very eventful time in political history. The left has thrown everything it has to stop the “Make America Great Again” bandwagon. They organized and financed an invading hostile caravan in central America. They wanted to get voter sympathy, but it largely backfired.

“They tried to take down Judge Kavanaugh, but that did not work either. They wanted to take over the Senate, but again were outsmarted and out performed by the tireless efforts of President Trump. Their current efforts are to push for recounts on all close races and in Broward county, Florida they are suddenly bringing in Democrat ballots by truck that never seemed to exist on election day.”

At LIFA, we work hard to keep everybody up to date with the latest info, especially everything as it relates to immigration issues. The Democrats want everyone to believe the biggest voter concern is healthcare.  Healthcare is always a concern, but the immigration issue effects our jobs, our safety, our culture, our wages and our healthcare as well. Anybody had to go emergency at a hospital lately? If you did you waited in line for the illegals to be cared for at your expense.

In addition to our website, Facebook, YouTube and twitter we communicate with email that provides information on immigration that may not be available from other sources. Most of you are already receiving this weekly email, but if you are not and would like to receive our weekly email please spell out your email address and send it to and you will be added. Just so you know our email only goes out once a week and you can opt out at any time. We do have a liberal contact us from time to time that says stop sending me the truth. I can’t stand it anymore.

In all seriousness, folks, if you are not on the list sign up to receive LIFA’S weekly email updates.

You will be glad you did!



Communication Director

Legal Immigrants for America