Silences that kill Nicaragua and the left.


Dear All:

This article by Raúl Zibechi, published in BRECHA, Investigative journalism, independent and left-wing, and transmitted by Andrea Margarita, supports the feeling of moral thinkers who are in open opposition throughout the world, denouncing the genocide of this fascist government.

It is worth knowing these opinions generated, for such a brutal procedure, because they add to the thought the path of honesty that the young people of April 19 are marking.

Without ethics the left is nothing. Neither the program, nor the speeches, nor even the intentions have the least value if they are not built on the commitment to the truth, with unrestricted respect for the explicit or implicit decisions of the popular sectors to which it claims to represent.

In this period in which all the leaders of the left fill their mouths with values, it is very significant that they remain only in the discourse. Ethics is put to the test only when we have something to lose. The rest is rhetoric. Talking about ethics or values ​​when there are no risks, material or symbolic, is a hollow exercise.

We all remember the hero of Che in Bolivia, when instead of getting safe from enemy bullets, he returned to the scene to take care of a wounded comrade, knowing that he was more than likely to lose his life in that action, without any military sense. but overflowing with ethics.

Before us we have the second chance that the Latin American left redeems itself from all its “errors” (in quotation marks because the term is abused to cover up more serious faults), condemning the massacre that Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo are perpetrating against their own people. The second, because the first happened two decades ago, when the complaint of Zoilamérica Narváez, Ortega’s stepdaughter, to denounce sexual abuses of his stepfather.

The current silence of the main figures of the political left of the region and of the intellectual left says it all. An ethical loss that announces the worst political results.

Blaming imperialism for its own crimes is absurd. Stalin justified the murder of his main comrades because, he said, they played the game to the right and to imperialism. Trotsky was viciously assassinated in 1940, when his preaching could not in any way endanger the power of Stalin, who in those years had the approval of the world elites to contain Nazism. How can you excite young people a policy that stands on an endless carpet of corpses and lies?

How could José Mujica remain silent for so many months – while in Nicaragua hundreds of young people died, and before the open letter of Ernesto Cardenal – until finally pronouncing some kind of criticism of Ortega? How can some connoisseur Latin American intellectuals justify the slaughter with unsustainable arguments or with a silence that makes them guilty? What leads them to ask for Lula’s freedom without revolting against the government of Nicaragua?

In this period so black for the left – like that of the Moscow trials, which wiped out all vestiges of freedom in the Soviet Union – it is necessary to scratch to the bottom to find explanations. In my view, the left went from being the social force, and politics that struggled to change society to dry up just as a project of power. Not “the power to”, but the power to dry, the kind of relationships that ensure the good life for the clique that holds it.

It was through the struggle for power and its defense that the left mimicked the right. Today it is argued with the struggle against neoliberalism as an excuse not to open fissures in the left field, with the same lighterness that was previously argued the defense of Urss or any revolutionary project.Top of Form

Few can believe that between 1937 and 1938 there were a million and a half Russians allied to the Western powers (all members of the party), which was the number condemned by the great purge of Stalin, of which almost 700 thousand were executed and the rest sentenced to forced labor camps. If that is the price to pay for socialism, it will have to be thought twice.

We are facing a similar period. Progressives and leftists look the other way when Evo Morales decides not to respect the outcome of a referendum, convened by him, because the absolute majority decided that he cannot run for a new re-election. They do not want to accept that Rafael Correa is guilty of kidnapping in the “Balda case”, executed by the security services created by his government and supervised by the president. The list is very long, includes the government of Nicolás Maduro and Ortega, among others.

The saddest thing is that the story seems to have passed in vain, since lessons are not drawn from the horrors of the past. However, someday that story will fall on our heads, and the children of the victims, as well as our own children, will demand of us, in the same way that the young Germans do, rebuking their grandparents about what they did or did not do. under Nazism, shielded in an impossible ignorance of the facts.

It will be late. It is the hot moments of life that mold attitudes and define who we are. This is one of those moments, which will mark the future, or the grave, of an attitude of life that we defined as left for two centuries.