Over the years we legal immigrants from all countries in Latin America have witnessed silently how the established politicians and the media made us the object of disrespect, mischaracterization, and belittling. Following are some truths.

  • They intentionally group us together to elevate the illegal alien to the stature of the legal immigrant which makes us all look bad.
  • They consistently repeat the lie: “If you want the Hispanic vote you have to give amnesty, create sanctuary cities, and look the other way, when Latin criminal illegal aliens, commit crimes against us. In reality, it is primarily the good citizen of Hispanic ancestry that’s getting killed and terrorized.
  • They also say: Hispanics will vote for the politicians “soft on crime”. Not true, we are no different than other Americans. We like to feel safe in our homes, roads, schools, and neighborhoods. We are for the rule of law.
  • It is false that all immigrants and minorities benefit by the “preferential treatment” afforded the lawless. The good American of Hispanic ancestry whether here for generations or a new legal immigrant, is not looking for a handout. He/she is looking for work and to become productive.
  • It is an oxymoron that we Christians who love God and His laws will vote for the politician who forgives criminals if they are HISPANIC. That’s a racist statement. We are for the rule of law!

What do politicians and the Media do for a living? How can they be unaware of the fact that to come to the USA legally takes a long time and that the process is very rigorous.

Why do they not know that we legal immigrants have started the process of our immigration at the US Embassy in our country. We have gone through extensive background, health and other checks. We promised not to become a liability to the taxpayers of this country.

What is the excuse for them not knowing the huge differences between a legal immigrant and a border-crosser just because both are here from Latin America.

It is insulting for our politicians and the media not only to overlook the differences but to impute good citizenship to the border-crossers based on the good record achieved by the legal immigrants. When they say “Immigrants commit fewer crimes than the natural born citizen” they could not possibly be talking about the high percentage of illegals in our jails.

Let me explain why Legal immigrants have a sterling reputation:

1) They obey the law,

2) They don’t have anything to hide,

3) They are considered good citizens in their own countries,

4) They want to contribute to society,

5) They are eager to learn the language and adapt to the culture of their adopted home.

By contrast the illegals crossing the borders:

1) Do not obey the laws,

2) Do not want to reveal their identity. They hide behind anonymity,  

3) Many have criminal records in their countries,

4) They come motivated to receive the numerous benefits available to our poor and disabled to which they are not entitled,

5) They also come to have their babies and receive free citizenship with benefits afforded to them by the 14th Amendment,

6) The majority of them are not interested in learning English or in renouncing their allegiance to Mexico.

It is not surprising that Donald Trump is up in the polls with Hispanics. He seems to have a better understanding of Latin American culture than the Washington elitists. Ted Cruz, whose father is a legal immigrant from Cuba, is also resonating for he knows the differences between legal and illegal immigrants.

It shouldn’t be necessary for us to say that we are no different than an American of European or African ancestry when it comes to loving our country and keeping our citizens safe. We are not Hispanic Americans, we are Americans of Hispanic ancestry. Stop discriminating against us and respect our contribution and good citizenship.

 Amapola Hansberger                                                                               

President, Legal Immigrants for America






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