STOP the sex trafficking


Dear Friends of LIFA:

The attached “WALL CONSTRUCTION” reminds me of the story of a Nicaraguan woman on her experience crossing the border illegally. After the Sandinista/Contra revolution her mother was granted asylum. That meant she could bring her children to the United States legally pending her adjudication. Regretfully, she paid a “Coyote” (or human trafficker) to bring her 11-year-old daughter across to the USA, illegally.

The Coyote did not bring her to her mother. Instead, he took her to a house in Arizona where children were sold for sex by the hour! After 10 years of that, she risked her life and escaped. Today she is alive and well, her papers are in order, and lives in the United States.

Another illegal immigrant I met was an older woman from El Salvador who, when asked, described her ordeal crossing the border illegally as hellish. The Coyote took every penny she had saved from her. She entered the United States almost naked, hungry, and disoriented until a Border Patrol found her and took her in. She spoke about them as being kind, and compassionate. They directed her to the authorities who granted her a temporary work visa for three years!

When asked, both ladies said: “Nothing, nothing, is worth what they had gone through. If you can, let others know the terrible things that can happen to them.”

Because stories like these abound, many Latinos will celebrate the day the construction of the wall is finished. They will vote for President Trump so he will end The Coyote’s inhumane business once and for all!


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America