TAKE ACTION: Tell Representative Murphy to VOTE NO on Build Back Better Amnesty


I am contacting you today with very urgent news as the Biden Border Crisis still rages. We just received word that the House may consider their radical $1.85 trillion “Build Back Better” package next week.

It contains the largest amnesty in American history.

You heard that right – Democratic leadership and Representative Stephanie Murphy are once again showing where their priorities lie on immigration: those here illegally, not secure borders.

Now is not the time for any bill that does not address the concerns of the American people, or even worse, provides amnesty and exacerbates the Biden Border Crisis.

We need to stop this amnesty bill and that is why I am asking you to please take action now and contact Representative Murphy.

Here is what to do:

  • Call 202-225-4035
  • Tell whoever answers the phone that you are a constituent and expect Representative Murphy to VOTE NO on H.R. 5376 – the Build Back Better Actbecause it contains amnesty for illegal aliens.
  • Share the number with your friends and family so they can tell Representative Murphy the same.

Thank you for your support and be on the lookout for additional emails if things change!

RJ Hauman
Government Relations Director