Teaching CRT is right out of the Marxist playbook


What number is CRT in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto’s 45 steps to takeover a country? The strategy of dividing people by race, gender, sexual orientation, class, social status is not new, the victims of Communism have seen it before in their countries of birth.

If the Socialists Democrats think that they are fooling anyone they should think again. There are millions of black, Latin, and Asian Americans that consider that insulting. They rightfully attribute their successes to their personal effort, ingenuity, and work ethics as Americans their race having nothing to do with it.

They are not fooling the foreign non-white from all over the world, either.  Just look at the humanitarian crisis at the border. People keep leaving their countries of birth, placing themselves in the hands of Coyotes, risking their lives crossing rivers and the desert to get to the United States.  They don’t try to get into Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua.

It is common knowledge around the world that the United States was founded by White Anglo Saxon Protestants! (AKA: WASPS) who fled religious persecution in Europe, and had nothing to do with slavery. Their descendants fought a war against the most powerful Empire on earth and won against all odds. They founded the fairest, freest, and kindest country on earth.

The evil of slavery has been with us from the beginning of time. It has victimized people of every race and ethnicity including children. Shame on the schools for not teaching such an elementary piece of history. I am attaching a link for parents to ask Hillsdale College’s help in opening a Barney Charter school in their neighborhood and have their children receive a classical education.

The objective in weakening white Americans in their own land is so the failed philosophies of the third world will visit us.  Legal immigrants and naturalized Americans of different ethnicities and races are not sufficient in numbers to fight the element that made some of them flee their countries of birth. Americans of all races, whites included, need to support each other if they are to preserve their freedoms! LIFA applauds parents protesting the evil of CRT in their children’s schools.

We simply cannot allow our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage, culture, and leadership to be forgotten and destroyed.

Link: https://k12.hillsdale.edu/Schools/Start-a-School/


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrant for America