Ted Cruz Raises $4,000,000 In One Week. How Much Did YOU Contribute?


Is a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist viable in 2016? What’s to disagree with? His promise to repeal Obamacare? His strong stance on illegal immigration? His belief in America’s foundational principles? As they say, “What’s not to like?”

WSJ – Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas raised about $4 million in the eight days after he formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, his campaign staff said, indicating donations are coming at a faster clip than for some GOP candidates in past years.

The fundraising tally comes as Mr. Cruz tries to answer questions about whether he can raise enough money to compete with big-donor magnets such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

The donations show Mr. Cruz outraising in one week the $2.1 million garnered in two months by Newt Gingrich, a former House speaker, after formally launching his campaign in 2011.

Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) raised $1.7 million in the 1 1/2 months after he started a presidential exploratory committee in 2006. He went on to win the party’s nomination that cycle.

“Often you have an establishment candidate, usually the moderate, who will be well funded,” said Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler. “Here we have a candidate who is conservative and can raise money.”

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