The Battle goes on!


Dear Friends of LIFA

The battle goes on We are at war and you need to know it.  The coup against our duly elected president with its false Russian Collusion has come to an end.  If anything, the outcome denoted that the Left colluded, manufactured, orchestrated, and created the most powerful and corrupt coalition we have ever seen in this country, and I contend, in the history of the free world.  Such a thing would be expected to happen in a Communist country not here in America.

There is no excuse for keeping the perpetuators free from the consequences of their actions.  The time has come for Americans to demand that our rule of law treats all equally.  If you want to be treated like a member of a Communist Junta or Politburo then leave and go live in Russia, North Korea or Cuba.  We the People must demand that justice be served.

The lunatics on the Left are also denying that there is a threat at our southern border.   What more do they need to see?  Their home walls invaded by the intruders?  Their own kids to be kidnapped and turned into sex slaves in the United States?  Those Caravans continue to come and their intention is clear.  They want to invade us whether we want them or not.  Last month over 70,000 were apprehended at the border.  If that is not a crisis, what is?

The American people need to know that most of the legal, proper, and traditional immigrants from Latin America are horrified at what they see.  If you have ever spent time in a Latin American country, you know how the law-abiding citizens, the producers, scholars, and hardworking people there live.  Rather they are poor or wealthy.  They live behind walls.  Not average ones but extraordinary walls with barbed wire, or broken glass on top are the only ones that work.  Iron bars in all the windows, and guns under the bed to protect themselves from the lawless element outside their homes, even in expensive areas of town.  Some embassies, including the US Embassy, are so hidden & secure you would think it’s normal if they had a moat with alligators around it.

The United States has been a dream come true to Latin Americans, again, rich and poor who, when they experience what it is like to live in homes without walls, bars and guards, etc. want to leave everything behind and move to the United States of America to live in peace and security, free to pursue their happiness.  We do not want the USA to become like Latin America.  We do not want to live in prison-like homes.  I urge the American people to defend their sovereignty and way of life.  There is no country like it in the universe, believe me.

Those who come illegally disqualify themselves and know they could not come otherwise.  Why?  That is an easy question to answer although I am not an ICE employee.  What normal country would give residency to people with criminal records, killers, pedophiles, human traffickers, drug dealers, or terrorists?  To people suffering from contagious and deadly diseases or those with an already diagnosed mental illness?  Compassion is one thing, but committing suicide is another.  Save your family!



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America

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