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The Hondurans arrived at the Tijuana border flying their Honduran flags. They were VICTORIOUS thanks mostly to the Mexican government’s help who allowed them passage.  At the root are the cartels which are products of Mexico, South and Central America. The problem needs to be solved there.   Those corrupt governments have done little to fight their countries problems.   The opioid epidemic in the USA is a direct consequence from their lack of action.  The Socialist Mexican government is delighting in helping with the cause of fundamentally transforming America.

Political asylum should not be given to victims of the opioid epidemic in the Americas.  We have our own children dying for the same reason.  Those who organized the caravan invasion should face serious consequences.  Congress should conduct an investigation on who organized and funded it.  No American immigrant should retain their citizenship if he/she participated in this foreign invasion.

It is well known fact now that the strategy of the Left has been to change the population of America and thus “fundamentally transform” us.   What better way is there to do that than to organize caravans from the 3rd world to overwhelm America?  Those needy people will be loyal forever to those who made it possible for them to break into the USA.  How is importing them different to bringing in slaves?  What they tell them to entice them to come is reflected in one of their posters: “We are all Americans now”.   Are we to expect more caravans?

The Left’s war against America knows no bounds.  They do not care who those people are.   Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Terrorists, or just the destitute their countries are happy to get rid of.

Tucker Carlson interview of dual citizen but Mexican loyalist Jorge Ramos on the 30th of April was telling.  He assured Tucker the Hondurans in the caravan, and on top of the fence, were the best of Honduras:  Is that how Honduran doctors, engineers, professors, businessmen, and nurses immigrate to foreign countries?  I don’t think so.  As a naturalized American citizen, that entered legally from Nicaragua I can assure you that the best of Nicaragua entered legally or asked for political asylum during the Sandinista/Contra revolution of 1979 which was a real not imaginary war.

Honduras is not at war.  The only country in Central America that is presently fighting to gain their freedom is Nicaragua.  Many students have died and been tortured already and others are refusing to give up the fight for freedom.  We wish the students much success in their pursuit of freedom and democracy.

We need to flood the US capitol switchboard, 202 224 3121, with phone calls for our representatives and Senators to act on the closing of the border and to stop granting political asylum to fake claimants.

Our immigration foolishness needs to stop.

God bless America!


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America


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