The cure is much worse than the illness


Chinese virus numbers in Central Florida

The Orlando Sentinel had the latest numbers today.  Central Florida consists of 8 counties according to the Sentinel.  Here they are with current estimated population numbers, rounded:

Orange        1,436,000

Brevard          614,000

Volusia           500,000

Seminole        480,000

Polk                472,000

Osceola          400,000

Lake               380,000

Sumter           136,000

Total             4,400,000


If we are to take the numbers as accurate, which is a very valid concern, here are the number of infections and deaths in CF to date:

Total Infected:  106,300                .02415%

Total deaths:        2,000                .00045%


Look at those numbers again. The continued shutdowns and closures and restrictions are a disgrace and a moral sin.