The debate is offering so many choices, that it’s hard to make a decision.



Gonna be hard to figure out who to vote for in 2020. They are all in favor of killing babies born and unborns….even those that proclaim being members of christian churches that are against the killing of babies….Go figure…..

  1. Biden’s gonna cure cancer
  2. Kamala’s handing out reparation money to blacks.
  3. Bernie’s gonna forgive all student loans.
  4. Warren’s gonna send reparation checks to homosexuals.
  5. Beto’s gonna eliminate our nation’s borders.
  6. Booker’s gonna increase welfare programs.
  7. Klobuchar’s gonna make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states.
  8. Swalwell’s gonna vacate the 2nd Amendment.
  9. Buttigieg’s gonna eliminate the Electoral College.

**************11. Trump’s gonna secure our borders, build our economy, strengthen our military, ensure America never becomes a socialist nation, protect Israel, reduce taxes, protect the unborn, follow the Constitution, eliminate unfair trade, clean up government corruption and ensure Iran doesn’t use the billions of dollars and nuclear technology Obama gave it to build bombs.***************** Did we mention that President Trump is PRO-LIFE???  ***************


Just can’t quite make up my mind…”