“The goal of socialism is communism.”


The icing in the socialist cake is summed up in Lenin’s short statement that “The goal of socialism is communism.”


Greetings, Friends of LIFA!

From the start LIFA has been at the forefront in the battles to conserve our great republic and defend the principles on which it was established.

Relentless forces attack our nation, our liberty, and even our civilization as never before. These forces of deception and manipulation reveal themselves in the seductive socialist ideology that is inimical to our way of life and our very existence.

We could say that these forces are evil plain and simple. And they are, but in order to confront and combat them we have to be more precise. Chief among these threatening ideologies is socialism, which has lured entire nations into ruin over and over in history.

You are likely familiar with some of examples. In many cases socialism infected countries or cultures different from own. Socialism has destroyed democracies, monarchies, and empires. It may be violently imposed by a handful of ruthless liars such as the Bolsheviks demanding that “the workers of the world rise up,” or seductively advocating equality and social justice. Socialist political movements exploit and exacerbate latent resentments through “class warfare” and campaigns to “tax the rich” and a promise “free stuff.”

One of the most useful tools in the socialist’s collection is to break a society into groups, usually on the basis of race, or gender, or ethnicity. This runs counter to the United States, “one nation under God,” where people of all kinds swear allegiance to our great nation and live by that unifying principle as Americans, not divided into groups of hyphenated Americans whom the left strives to set against one another.

The left deliberately creates schisms among us to unravel our social fabric, create conflict, and then, out of the chaos, to seize power. Think of the Bolshevik revolution or Castro’s Cuba that spreads communism in the western hemisphere, wrecking Venezuela and Nicaragua and has getting a foothold in other countries.

This is where LIFA comes in. From its beginning, Legal Immigrants for America, the voice of the legal immigrant, has stood for the rights of all Americans.

Thank you.

Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America