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Help Gov. DeSantis keep pushing E-Verify to become state law in Florida!

SB 664 advanced through the State Senate’s Commerce and Tourism Committee and would require employers in Florida to check new hires’ legal employment eligibility.

Most notably, the Committee declined to include an exemption for agricultural employers (who already have access to an unlimited visa called the H-2A).

The effort to ensure that unauthorized workers can’t get jobs is again showcasing the unity between business lobbyists and so-called immigrant advocacy groups. Businesses worry about having an oversupply of workers to choose from, while groups that claim to be concerned about immigrants actually push for those jobs.

In Florida Politics, Jacob Ogles reports:

[Senator Tom] Lee…said this bill wasn’t about immigration or the promotion of capitalism. Rather, it’s about the rule of law and a system that treats all fairly, including immigrants.

“We know they are seeking a better life, and we know the magnet is a better job.”

Although this bill has cleared two early hurdles, there is a long way to go. Opponents of the wildly popular commonsense policy of mandatory E-Verify continue to proliferate hit pieces through their easy access to the media.

For example, a February 18 op-ed in Florida Today by immigration expansionist Rev. Joel Tooley calls E-Verify “unreliable.”

According to research from the CATO Institute, E-Verify is ineffective at detecting illegal immigrant workers. On top of that, E-Verify’s accuracy rates are notoriously difficult to judge.

There is extensive, detailed analysis about E-Verify’s effectiveness. Of course, the ongoing efforts to combat identity theft will need to continue – but one of the great positive developments of the last 20 years is that E-Verify has been consistently improved across every administration.

On top of the high marks for customer satisfaction that E-Verify has received (e.g. 2011, 2015, 2017,) we also can be sure that no legal worker has ever lost a job due to E-Verify errors. We know this because it is an absolute certainty that E-Verify proponents would line up virtually limitless interviews with reporters and cable news shows for any such person.

The bottom line is that it’s not only reasonable, but necessary, to expect that employment eligibility can be quickly and easily confirmed in a modern country with a responsibility to manage their immigration system.

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