The left, the swamp, and the establishment all want his presidency to fail


Dear Friends of LIFA:

President Trump has been set up to fail by the Left even as a candidate. The denizens in the swamp from both sides of the aisle feared that the era of debauchery had come to an end with President Trump as our president.

So, they have played every trick in the book to derail him or cause his impeachment.  He has been walking in a mine field, with trap after trap since he became the nominee.  Finally, he was betrayed, given bad advice, and stepped on a mine by signing the Omnibus Bill.

The Republicans in Congress betrayed all of us, which is something they have been doing for a long time per the book by Ted Cruz.

We had gotten spoiled watching Donald J. Trump fight single handedly the enemies of our Republic and liberty; then, putting up with criticism from both sides of the aisle.  There is only so many times anyone can take that.  The pressure from both sides must have been intense.

Some of us felt compassion for him when he answered a question posed by a reporter:  What advice would you give yourself if you were 25 years old today?  “Don’t run for the presidency!”  That tells the story!  That Leftist reporter might as well had asked:  Have we made your life miserable enough this last year?  Are you discouraged?  Good!  We’ll keep on doing it.

Contrary to Obama’s idyllic life in the White House, President Trump’s has been, from what I’ve seen, a living hell since he started his campaign for the presidency.  We knew the enemy was evil, but we underestimated them. The progress they had made in corrupting our government and the minds of young people is overwhelming.

Were we right in feeling that America had gone over the cliff during the previous administration and only God could save it?  Perhaps, but God answered our prayers, and sent Donald J. Trump; a man uniquely made, a self-made billionaire who sacrificed his splendid life out of compassion for We the People and his desire to attempt to save America for us and our future generations.

He could have done what other billionaires have done, leave America and overnight become a Swizz or Irish citizen.  Governments of countries only dream of attracting an immigrant such as Donald Trump.  But Americans on the Left, are too brainwashed by the Media and university professors to appreciate his contribution.  Too far gone to appreciate the benefit of his “American First Agenda”.  They persecute him instead because they see good as evil.

Other than Jesus, have you ever met anyone that could have survived the attacks and cruelty directed to him?  Sadly, we are not organized like the Left, so we don’t go out by the millions protesting the insanity and double mindedness of the Left.  They have their community organizers, abundant money from George Soros, and manuals of instructions from the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx/Engels to the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky.  They have been at war against our Constitutional Republic for many decades.  (Read about the Frankfurt School opening at Columbia University in the 1930’s).   The Conservative, Christian American has been unaware and asleep.

What we can do to help now, is ask politicians in the Meet and Greet events, what their opinion is on illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and the America First vision of our president.  Then, vote for those who share the love for America vision so we don’t send any more RINOS to Washington.

We can excuse President Trump for falling in the trap and please pray more earnestly for him.  He needs our prayers more than ever!  It would also be great to call the white house at 1-202-456-1111 to let them know how you feel. If you would like to write to President Trump the address is The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500.



Amapola Hansberger


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