The liberal mob wants to Kill the Mockingbird again



Dear Covenant Family,

When I was in high school we had to read Harper Lee’s famous book, “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  I was deeply moved by her story and have watched the movie of the same title several times.  Each viewing brings tears to my eyes and often anger at the injustice in this world.

In the book and movie, a black man is accused of attacking and trying to rape a white girl in the 1930’s in the South.  An honest lawyer is chosen to defend the accused.  In the trial, there is no evidence of the crime, but only the lies of the woman who said he attacked her.  She is from an oppressive family and abusive father, who has forced her to lie to defend his honor.

Even though the defendant’s lawyer proves the black man is innocent, he is found guilty.  Prior to the trial a lynch mob tries to break into the jail and hang him, but is stopped by the lawyer.  Now, after the trial, the black man is shot dead “for trying to escape.”  The cruelty and prejudice of the town people kills the mocking bird.

This is what we are doing today in America.  We are killing mocking birds out of our lust for power and our desire to force our will and prejudice against those whom we disagree with in politics  and our world view.

We have created a lynch mob mentality through our social media and loss of a common world view.  It is the curse of Babel God pronounced against the nations in Genesis 11.  Only the blood of Jesus and the blessing of Israel can break this curse from our nation as we learn in Genesis 12 and the call of Abraham.

Yes, we have killed many a Mocking Bird in the last 10 years.  Judge Kavanaugh is the newest bird we seek to destroy with our hatred and prejudice.  The Bible teaches that God is a God of justice and truth.  In the Law He gave to Israel and Moses He lays down principles to make certain justice and truth prevail in criminal cases.  Our laws are based on these writings.

God warns Israel if they do not obey His laws, they will be cursed.  This call to obedience is based on the character and love of God.  When a nation rejects God’s laws or replaces them with man made laws it will be cursed for its sins.

The dignity, respect, and honor for women is also given in these laws of Moses.  I say without reservation we have failed to protect our women as prescribed by God.  This has led to rape, abuse, abortion, and unimaginable pain.  It has increased the curse of God on our nation.

We need to stop killing Mocking Birds, revive the love and respect for our women, and break the curse of God on our nation through the blood of Jesus Christ and the blessing of Israel.  Until we humble ourselves and return to God and His ways, we will see an increase in the division and hatred in our land.

My prayer is, God awaken us to our sins.  May we stop killing Mocking Birds for our own selfish ambitions.  May we protect and honor our mothers, wives and daughters.  Forgive us for our sins of rebellion and rejection of Your truth.  Revive us with a love for You and a love for Your truth and lifestyle of how we should live, to love one another.  Oh God, awaken us to Your truth.  Remove the deception from our pulpits, classrooms, social media, politics…open our eyes to see with Your understanding, wisdom, and revelation.  Grant us the faith to believe for a restoration of our nation.  May we trust in Jesus Christ alone and in Your faithfulness to heal our land.  We bow in humble submission to You, our Deliverer and Redeemer.  Use our lives and our nation for Your glory.  In Jesus’ name, amen!


Love, Evangelist Blake.


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