Dear Friends of LIFA:

President Trump’s move to suspend the entry of immigrants into our country for 60 days is a step in the right direction.  Americans are hurting and permitting foreigners to compete with them in the job market is an aberration.  We all know the Globalist Media will criticize President Trump no matter what he does.

Few Americans know that 1/7 of the entire labor pool are temporary foreign workers, per the Center for Immigration Studies.  Few know that there are numerous guest-work visas awarded to foreigners that come from India, China and all over the world.  They are hired by brokers to fill white as well as blue collar jobs in the USA.  Jobs American workers are denied access to.

Working visas are also awarded to asylum seekers, spouses of visa holders, illegal aliens coached to file illegitimate political asylum claims, the TPS (Temporary Protective Status).   Unbelievably, employers are rewarded when they hire foreign workers by exempting them from paying Social Security, Medicare and other payroll taxes.  The foreign employees don’t pay those taxes, either. 

 Then we have the OPT (Optional Training Program) which allows employers to hire foreigners graduating from American universities and their American friends are not invited to attend the job fair.

When it comes to talent the foreign workers may not even have been considered if they were American citizens.  When Disney fired about 300 IT experienced and highly qualified American workers, they had to threaten them with not being paid severance unless they trained the less qualified visa holder workers!!  Disney was not alone, other major IT corporations in the West Coast did the same.

President Trump has been under constant attack to distract him from correcting obvious anti-American policies instituted by previous presidents.  The pandemic has illuminated the need to repeal such discriminatory policies and the Executive branch is the branch that can do that.

We hope and pray we are seeing the beginning of it.

Attached is President Trump’s Proclamation.


Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America