The Mueller Testimony is an insult to America


Facts from the Mueller report


1. Mueller refused to answer almost anything of substance. He said he had not expected the report to become public. Now that it has, he seemed in some cases almost ashamed of what was in it.

2.  Much of his testimony was confusing in that in several cases he contradicted himself. This made it more obvious that he had not written it himself and the report appeared even more biased than he was himself.

3.  The top 19 lawyers and agents on his staff turned out to be 19 Democrats and 0 Republicans and he could not explain how or who picked them just that they were all professionals and he had not known their political affiliation.

4.  When he was asked if he had fired any, he admitted to moving two to another department. This was Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. He then admitted that he only did this after it became public knowledge that the lovers had texted each other about their hate for Trump and their desire to “take him down”. He did not explain why he only moved them out after they were exposed to the general public.

5.  Mueller refused to say why the discredited Steele Dossier which was the basis for his investigation was never investigated itself.

6.  The Democrats on the committee virtually never asked a question of any meaning and basically just gave speeches on how bad Trump was and how good Mueller was. Most were programed to finish their speech with “nobody is above the law”. Why did they not add “unless you are an illegal alien?”

7.  We have heard that the “squad” is the new voice of the Democratic party. They are basically anti-American minorities and that is exactly what we saw in these hearings. The Democrat representatives were mostly non-white minorities. The whole charade could have been described as an attempt to demonize white male republicans and a white President.

8.  When we compare the Democrats at the primary debate of a few weeks ago and the actions of the socialist “squad” to the Democrats on this Congressional committee it is amazing how similar they all are. This clearly has become the Democratic party of today.

9.  It is easy to see why the Congress of today gets nothing done and could care less about anybody but themselves. They talk about the “rule of law” but completely ignore it when they choose.


God bless America