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Dear friends of LIFA:

Words cannot express what we feel about the loss of​​ another beautiful young American; Mollie Tibbett. ​​​​ Those in the​​ Democrat​​ Party, the​​ Swamp, and the​​ Media​​ have​​ blood​​ on​​ their hands.​​ ​​ 

The Media, however, is no longer​​ convincing​​ Americans that what they say is true. ​​ For what​​ they​​ say​​ it’s​​ contrary​​ to​​ natural laws,​​ logic,​​ and reason. ​​ ​​ Their​​ continuing​​ to​​ call illegal aliens​​ the​​ “Migrant​​ Community”​​ that​​ commit less crimes than the natural born​​ is an outrage.

  • If​​ you crossed the border illegally, you are NOT an immigrant.​​  ​​​​ You are a foreign invader, trespasser, and​​ all to often​​ someone who has something to hide, such as a criminal background. ​​ 

Immigrants are those who​​ have filed papers,​​ disclosed​​ everything about their lives and ancestry. ​​ They​​ were​​ vetted,​​ given​​ permission​​ to travel and entered​​ the United States as legal​​ Residents. ​​ ​​ Illegal aliens hide their history. ​​ They are the opposite of​​ a​​ legal immigrant. ​​​​ ​​ 

  • The reputation of good citizenship​​ was earned by​​ the traditional legal immigrants​​ above. ​​ Most legal immigrants from everywhere in the world would resent being confused with the illegal alien​​ criminal​​ element. ​​ They know who most of them are: ​​ people with problematic and criminal backgrounds who would be in prison in their own countries.

The​​ reason criminals​​ come​​ to​​ the USA, is​​ because​​ America has the reputation of giving preferential treatment to illegal aliens. ​​ ​​ This​​ reputation of​​ providing​​ shelter​​ and jobs​​ in​​ Sanctuary cities​​ was created by the Democrats. ​​ Their anchor​​ babies given​​ social welfare and other benefits. ​​ And, what they love​​ most​​ about America is the fact that​​ when they commit crimes they are provided Leftists, anti-American​​ attorneys​​ who will make sure they don’t pay for their crimes​​ as in the case of Kate Stanley. ​​​​ ​​  ​​​​ 

LIFA​​ mourns the death of Mollie Tibbett,​​ and sends its​​ sympathies to the family!  ​​​​ LIFA​​ would like to see the​​ criminal​​ that killed​​ Mollie​​ be given the toughest sentence under the law.​​ ​​ The same sentence all​​ native-born​​ Americans​​ or​​ legal immigrant​​ would​​ receive. ​​ It is​​ past​​ time​​ to​​ send​​ foreign​​ criminals​​ and anti-American politicians a​​ message that their actions​​ have consequences. ​​ ​​ Law abiding Americans do not want illegal aliens to continue to invade us. ​​​​  ​​ ​​ ​​​​  ​​​​ 

Below are two pictures showing the differences between the​​ legal immigrants​​ of Ellis Island and the damage and suffering​​ illegal aliens​​ are inflicting on We the People.

The No Sanctuary City Coalition


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America

What it used to mean


What it means today – Illegal Aliens destroying America

The Statute of Liberty is dead on the ground on top of the US flag and bleeding.  The sign at the bottom reads:

“Open your jails and send us your assassins, rapists, pedophiles, and terrorists.  We will provide the victims, shelter and protect them, ignore their crimes, and forgo the punishment.”