Dear Friends of LIFA:

The Biden/Harris administration seems to be doing everything they can to destroy the safety and security of the American people. By putting the Obama “Catch and Release” program back in means those that cross the border illegally will be allowed to stay. Over 100 with the Covid 19 virus were released somewhere in America last week. Those involved in a few rapes and killings won’t be kept out either.

It is a field day for the smugglers and 13 who had been smuggled across the border were just killed in a single California traffic accident. Sex trafficking and drug smuggling is pervasive and the new administration doesn’t seem to mind.

Thank God that Governor Abbot of Texas is trying to do something about it. He has launched “Operation Lone Star”. This program in effect says Texas will not allow the smugglers to illegally move children, drugs and the contagious sick through Texas. This may turn out to be a test of the rights of states to protect their own citizens in spite of an out-of-control federal government.

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Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America