The Republican Party’s greatest problem is…


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The Republican Party’s greatest problem is that there is so much infighting (the circular firing squad) that much of the ammunition is used up before the real opponent shows up. The Democrat party is more unified; their objective is to win elections and gain power.  Their attacks against each other are much more subdued and private than the Republicans.’

No issues divide the Republican party more than Immigration and trade. One organization opposes almost any action President Trump takes to control our borders. Much of what they do is not publicized. They spend more money than any other organization lobbying to draw Senators and congressmen into their camp. Many Republican elected officials believe they can’t get elected without this organization’s money and support. Who is this all-powerful open-border, anti-American, anti-tariff, globalist-driven destructive organization? If you haven’t figured it out yet, it is the Chamber of Commerce. It is supported by the greedy Koch brothers and the many supposed grassroots organizations they fund like “Americans for Prosperity”.

One would expect the Chamber of Commerce to be a conservative capitalist organization, but on immigration they are very close to the Democrats, the Washington establishment, the anti-Trumpers, China, Mexico, and even George Soros. They are the fox in the henhouse and are even more damaging to the Trump administration than the Democrats. Whenever you see one of the Republicans opposing the Trump agenda, the Chamber of Commerce is likely behind it.

The recent battle over the tariffs that were to be imposed on Mexico is a classic example. Trump is a master negotiator who has the courage to do the politically incorrect thing. That is unheard of in Washington and naturally the power-mad politicians can’t stand that. That includes Republicans as well as Democrats. Trump, wisely, uses whatever is available (such as trade) to get Mexico’s attention on their lack of control of caravans and smugglers.

The most important part of this negotiation has been to get Mexico to adhere to international law by designating themselves as a “safe third country.” That means that those that Mexico is letting in – from the dangerous countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador – will only be eligible for asylum in Mexico.  Until now the arrangement was that Mexico helped transport the asylum-seekers to the US border, where they were registered and released into the US until their court date – for which 90% never showed up. In spite of the Washington swamp and the Chamber of Commerce and their fellow travelers, a deal was struck on Friday and the tariffs were suspended. Mexico will now no longer pass the caravans on to the US, and it is now likely that the whole caravan farce will cease because the tariffs would have cost Mexico more than it can bear.

Trump’s – America’s – enemies lost again. Are you tired of winning yet?

In “The Art of War “Sun Tzu warns us to “know your enemy.” To do that, we must at least identify him so we can see where the nastiness is coming from.


Communications Director

Legal Immigrants for America

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