Dear Friends of LIFA:

What is the reason Latin American homes are surrounded by walls, have bars on the windows, and the head of most families keeps a weapon under the bed?  The reason that some homes or groups of homes pay guards to keep track of who goes in and goes out 24/7?

The criminal element that roam the streets, as they would in an American Sanctuary State or city, is more abundant than the numbers of policemen.  Hence, the people have to take measures to protect themselves and their families.  Are there good people outside?  Sure!  And they, too, suffer dire consequences when they run into the lawless.  Look at the crime statistics of little countries like El Salvador and Honduras.

It is foolish for Americans to think that all cultures are the same.  That like the USA, other cultures practice the biblical principle of loving God above everything and their neighbors as themselves, and that foreigners come from countries where the rule of law is obeyed and feared.

In the United States being the land of the free the 2nd Amendment states that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Yet, the Socialist Democrats demonize the ownership of weapons.  Not because they expect law abiding citizens to use them against their neighbors, but because they alone want to be in control of gun ownership, regardless of the transformation of our country going from safe to dangerous.

They ignore the fact that when you live in an area where open carry is permitted, the crime is greatly diminished.  When you disarm the population, a saying goes, people go from citizens to subjects and I might add: to potential victims.  If a burglar came to your neighborhood and you had a sign outside that read: “We oppose gun ownership” and the house next door had a sign that read: “Protected by Smith and Wesson”, which house will be robbed?

For those who have bought into the lie that “GUNS” are the problem and not the criminal element, the statistics show that most gun owners are responsible citizens, accustomed to living in freedom and being responsible for their own actions.  In the rural areas of the 50’s most farmers carried their guns openly and nobody got shot.  This is a concept the Left won’t tolerate.  It goes against their core.  They don’t worry about the criminals who will avail themselves of weapons and disobey the law.

If you keep attentive to what is going on in the Florida Legislature’s schedule in Tallahassee: www.Congress.Gov, you will find a “White Supremacist” Resolution that will be heard soon:  With CS/SR214 you will learn how discriminatory resolutions and bills passed in Tallahassee can be.  (LIFA will publish the FLIMEN’S ALERT).  (FLIMEN is Floridians for Immigration Enforcement)

The resolution itself is ridiculous, biased, and unnecessary.  It does not mention that violent criminals come in every race, color, and ethnicity.  To imply that only the white race has criminals and that no other race is as evil, shows a tremendous amount of ill will towards whites and should render the resolution void, invalid, or unconstitutional.

I appeal to you to write letters, make phone calls, or come to the hearing in Tallahassee.  Connect with FLIMEN with whom we are proud to coalesce:

David Caulkett, 954-461-9391, or



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America