When it comes to illegal immigration statistics, we can say that the numbers are worse than reported. We can also say that our country does not have the technology or will to keep track of how many people have crossed the border in the past or are coming in today.

We have attached a link with the present illegal immigration statistics from California. Those numbers will soon be inaccurate as the Trojan Horse of caravans full of young conquerors from Central America, Mexico, the Middle East and Africa with or without children in tow continue to show up at our southern border.

The massive numbers of people coming know the Biden/Harris policy is to let them in. Recent estimates from the border are that we will see as many as one million unvetted, untraceable illegal aliens entering our country this year. A high percentage of them sick with Covid 19 and other diseases.

Soon the institutions of Legal Immigration and ICE will be obsolete. Aliens so liberally given the privilege of becoming American residents and citizens will not feel they have to obey our laws, respect our Constitution, adapt to our culture, learn English, American history, or pledge allegiance to their adopted, country. Many will keep their allegiance to their country of birth and reject our culture and ways.

LIFA thanks the Governors of Florida, Texas, and South Dakota for taking the initiative to use the power of the states to protect their citizens from this invasion.



God bless America,

Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America