The upcoming midterm elections are critical


Dear Friends of LIFA:

I am certain that many of you could write this letter more eloquently than I can in describing the tragedy and injustice of “the trial” of Judge Kavanaugh by Senators on the Left.

The obvious persecution of an innocent man simply because he disagrees with the Left, is proof beyond a shadow of doubt, that the Left has embraced the tactics of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and are followers of Saul Alinsky.  They may call themselves Americans but they have renounced, shed, and divorced American values and laws.  No longer do they consider the accused innocent until proven guilty if he happens to be a patriotic, Christian American.

There is no camouflaging their true intent for their malevolence is clear.  We have witnessed the total rejection of our Judeo-Christian principles and laws.  Witnessed the unveiling of the persecution of Christians in America.  It was repulsive to see how these leftists Senators enjoyed seeing a righteous man and his family suffer.  Evil prevails when they are in power.

These are the same people who shamelessly tell you that all crossing the border with packs of narcotics in their backs or innocent children they’ve kidnapped to pose as parents while they rape them, are innocent of any wrongdoing and those who do not want them around are racists and hateful people.

Marxists, hypocritical Senators! who are unmoved when young Americans lose their lives to criminal aliens.  Who endorse the existence of sanctuary cities that give shelter and protection to criminal aliens and want to abolish ICE.  It is them that show no mercy for the American people, the police, the military, their opponents, as we’ve seen with Judge Kavanaugh, or for the President of the United States.  Their greed for power knows no bounds.

Would they act that way if they were unable to live in gated communities and have personal armed guards and protection?  Would they act that way if their children went to school with the children of the MS-13 or of terrorists?  Would they act that way if illegal aliens voted to safeguard our freedoms and Constitutional Republic?

The upcoming midterm elections are critical.  Once in power these wolves in sheep clothes will not hesitate to give Americans a taste of what the Venezuelan and other contemporary Communist leaders have shoved down the throat of their fellow citizens.



Amapola Hansberger

President, Legal Immigrants for America


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