In a recent appearance on Fox and Friends I was asked “How do Legal Immigrants feel about the passing of HR-1 and HR-6.” These are bills that basically allow illegal alien border crossers to be treated the same or better than those who come to America legally. Part of my answer was: “We are offended at the passing of these bills.” In addition, I would add: We are being called fools, idiots, or worse, for coming to America the right way.

Our institution of Immigration and Naturalization will soon be obsolete for who will want to come to the US legally when the legal immigrant is discriminated, insulted, and attacked for wanting law and order?

The message our open border sends is: Why come to America legally when all you have to do is find a way to get to Mexico, pay a “Coyote” to bring you across, and bypass the time consuming, intrusive background, health, and, finance checks?

When you come illegally, you can be sick with illnesses from Covid-19 to Tuberculosis, be a gangster, member of a cartel and become a U.S. Resident and even a citizen long before the State Department finishes vetting you. (If they ever do at all.)

And who knows the difference? The Media has obfuscated, confused, and ignored the differences between a legal immigrant and an illegal alien. So now, if you are Latin American, people automatically think you, or a member of your family, crossed the border illegally.

The Leftist Media portrait themselves as the authority in the matters of immigration from Central America, not the legal immigrant from Central America. They say we all have to feel sorry for those coming to America for a better life! (Indeed, some become immensely rich selling their drugs in America!) Those crossing with backpacks full of drugs make more money than the average legal immigrant or asylee in the barrio.

The Leftist Media are, also, authorities in the process of migrating to the USA. They say, it is impossible to migrate legally to the USA. But they have to hide under the rug the millions of legal immigrants from Central and South America living in the United States.

They also hide the fact that It is illegal immigration that slows down the process of legal immigration. Legal immigrants are placed behind illegal aliens living in the USA for adjudication. This is per a former INS Officer.

The legal immigrant is unfairly attacked by the Left. We are called hateful names just for promoting proper legal immigration. But no loving parent would instruct his/her child to break the law. We simply tell the naïve Latin American:

  1. A) Come legally. It went well for us,
  2. B) Illegal immigration is Invasion, is wrong, and has negative consequences,
  3. C) Resist temptation and come legally or with a working visa,
  4. D) Illegal immigration is a dangerous way to come, especially for children.

As a Christian, I know that we are fighting a war not against flesh but against principalities and we need to pray for God to heal our nation.

This attached link provides more detail about the crises at the border.



Amapola Hansberger


Legal Immigrants for America