When a biased media is allowed to completely run so called debates it is destined to be pathetic and it has been. Here is a brief analysis of each “debate” and “town hall” and their dishonest moderators.

Debate #1 September 29. Trump vs Biden with moderator Chris Wallace

This debate was a disaster. Chris Wallace was so poor and so obviously biased that it turned out to be a debate between President Trump and Wallace with some other guy mumbling in the background. The moderator is the key to a good debate and Wallace completely blew it. Let’s rate him the 4th worst out of 5.

Debate #2 October 7.  Pence vs Kamala Harris with moderator Susan Page

This was a pretty good debate in spite of all the demeaning facial expressions from Kamala Harris who gives the impression of being a very unlikable socialist. Mike Pence is such a professional and calm individual that he made Susan Page’s job easy. She still found the ways to show her very liberal bias. Of the 5 all far left Democrat moderators I would put her in the middle at number 3.

Debate #3 October 15   Trump vs Biden with moderator Chris Scully

This was the debate that was originally scheduled as face to face and then at the insistence of the Biden handlers was to be changed to a virtual arrangement. At that point Trump said, “forget it” and it was cancelled. It was discovered that Chris Scully had lied about his Twitter postings and he was dismissed by his employer, C-Span. Let’s give the #1 moderator position to Scully because he did two good things to raise his standings among the moderators. He admitted he lied and he did not show up.

Debate (Town Hall) #4 October 15   Trump with moderator Savannah Guthrie   

This was very poorly done. It was supposed to be a Town Hall with questions from voters but In fact for the first 20 minutes it was just Savannah lecturing President Trump. She brought her most obnoxious self and her outright hatred for Trump was not very well controlled. When voters were allowed to speak their questions were very well handled by President Trump as he always does. Out of the 5 poorly chosen moderators Savannah was the worst in a bad field.

Debate (Town Hall) #5 October 15   Biden with moderator George Stephanopoulos

This Town Hall was well run with questions from the audience. True the questions were rehearsed and obviously not new to Biden, and former DNC operative Stephanopoulos was successful in turning it into an informercial for Biden.  It should be noted that with the help of ABC the supposedly random members of the public asking the questions were plants. One turned out to be a former Obama speechwriter and another was the wife of a Democrat committee member. Of course, Stephanopoulos did not ask anything about the discovery of the Hunter Biden laptop with the Biden crime family details on it and he did not ask about Twitter and Facebook shutting down all accounts that had the negative information on the Biden corruption. Because Stephanopoulos at least was pleasant and at least made some attempt to camouflage his bias we have to give him #2 position. This means he was almost as good as the guy that did that stayed home.

Debate #6 October 22 Trump vs Biden with moderator Kristen Welker

There is still another Trump vs Biden debate to come with Kristen Welker as moderator. We already know her family are big Democrat donors and she is another wacko. She has tough competition, however. The highest rated moderator so far, lied, was fired and only earned the highest ranking because he didn’t show up.

All indicators are that this is going to be a nasty election. The attached link shows just how critical several very knowledgeable people feel about what to expect.


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Legal Immigrants for America