*The Biden-Harris administration will restore the soul of this nation and bring us together as One America.–  Democrtic Party*

Among the greatest (disturbing) ironies of the last 4 years is that the Democrats who claim to be fighting fascism are the closest thing America has to actual fascists. Tonight should be a clarifying moment. They don’t care. Women. Your children. No one is off limits to them. They are glad it happens.  The wanton violence in the nation’s capital today demonstrates that BLM-antifa is not going away. They’re emboldened. They are an existential threat to the Constitution & democracy. And the democratic leaders will not condemn–they tacitly approve.  If you don’t get absolutely furious watching the violent videos below, coming out of DC, something is wrong with you.  Every decent American should be outraged!  Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this vomitus is all of the idiots filming these attacks like they are an AP photographer covering the war.


DC: Antifa and BLM rob and vandalize a black man’s MAGA merch pop up shop


BLM-antifa attacked an elderly couple leaving the DC Trump rally.


Graphic: A close-up angle of BLM rioters knocking a man unconscious who was leaving the Maga March in DC earlier today. They also steal his phone when he’s on the ground. Disgraceful.


A family with children are in tears as they are followed and harassed by antifa. #MillionMAGAMarch:


Violent thugs in DC cowardly attack


Antifa hit and steal young woman’s phone


A older Trump supporter on a bicycle was knocked down and had liquid dumped on him by BLM-antifa rioters in DC.


Antifa and BLM members attack people who are eating dinner near BLM Plaza. They threw projectiles and a large firework.


Antifa and BLM hit, throw eggs and unknown liquids at Trump Supporters


Female BLM rioter rushes in and punches a woman in the back of the head as she’s walking away.


73 million angry Trump voters. One million of them marched in DC today. Guess what? No businesses looted. No riots. No mobs. No bricks thrown. No molotov cocktails lit. No building burned down. No Biden supporters hunted down and killed. No churches burned.


THIS is what division and fear looks like. Running for the Senate in Georgia.  The ‘reverend’ Warnock must not win.


Here is what the left wants in America. Make no mistake.  It is all about control.  No ‘unity.’
DENMARK: 9 days of protests over a new law that “would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated. People who refuse the above can be coerced through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist.”  Denmark Passes Law Enabling ForcedCoronavirus