Trevor Loudon provides a list of 60 Democratic Socialist/Marxists that are already in office in America



EXCLUSIVE: Trevor Loudon Provides RAIR with List of DSA Marxists Holding Office in America

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On September 5, 2019
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Watch Trevor Loudon explain why the nation’s largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is a national security threat:



In a video compiled by RAIR, DSA Executive Director Maria Svart told a gathering of European communists that seventy-five dues-paying DSA members are elected officials in local, state, and national office across America. Since Svart made that statement, the number of DSA members in elected office has reportedly risen to 94 (this does not include their allies in Congress).

RAIR asked communism expert Trevor Loudon if he could provide a list of DSA members currently holding office across the country. Trevor Loudon was able to find 60 dues-paying DSA members currently in office listed below.

RAIR will update this list as more DSA Socialists in elected office are revealed.

If you know of DSA members holding office not listed below, please send us an email at


  • Justin Cummings, Vice mayor of Santa Cruz
  • Jackie Goldberg, Los Angeles United School District Board


  • Candi CdeBaca,  Denver City Council
  • Julie Gonzales,  Colorado State Senate


  • Charles Decker, New Haven City Council
  • Justin Farmer, Hamden Town Council
  • Edwin Vargas, Jr., State House Connecticut


  • Khalid Kamau, South Fulton City Council


  • Amy Perruso, Hawaii State House


  • Adam Broad, Vernon Township Trustee, Lake County
  • Daniel La Spata, Chicago City Council
  • Byron Lopez, Chicago City Council
  • Dylan Parker, Mayor Pro Tem, 5th Ward Alderman, Rock Island
  • Rossana Rodriguez, Chicago City Council
  • Carlos Rosa, Chicago City Council
  • Jeannette Taylor,  Chicago City Council
  • Andre Vasquez, Chicago City Council


  • Ross Grooters, City Council, Pleasant Hill


  • Mike Sylvester, Maine State House


  • Gabriel Acevaro, Maryland House of Delegates
  • Marc Elrich, County Executive of Montgomery County
  • Vaughn Stewart, Maryland House of Delegates


  • Mike Connolly, Massachusetts State House
  • Ben Ewen-Campen, Somerville City Council
  • JT Scott, Somerville City Council


  • Michelle Fecteau, Board of Education
  • Kristin LaLonde, City Commission, Mount Pleasant
  • Beau Perry, Ferndale Library Board
  • Rashida Tlaib, Congress, District 7


  • Kara Gloe Moorehead, School Board
  • Eric Hatlestad, City Council New London
  • Joel Sipress, Duluth City Council


  • Jade Bahr, Montana State House
  • Denise Joy, Billings City Council

New Hampshire

  • Mark King, StateHouse, New Hampshire

New York

  • Vanessa Agudelo,  City Council, Peeskill
  • Brian Nowak, Cheektowaga City Council
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congress District 14
  • Julia Salazar, New York State House
  • Jumaane D. Williams, New York City Public Advocate

North Dakota

  • Ruth Anna, Buffalo State House, North Dakota.


  • Dottie Fromal, Nelsonville City Council
  • Tristan Rader, Councilmember At-Large, Lakewood


  • Brandy Fortson, Corvallis School Board


  • Scott Alberts, Treasurer, Upper Darby
  • Elizabeth Fiedler, Pennsylvania State House
  • Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania State House
  • Summer Lee, Pennsylvania State House
  • Mik Pappas, Allegheny County district judge
  • Anita Prizio, County Council – District 3, Allegheny
  • Kristin Seale, Pennsylvania State House

Rhode Island

  • Nirva LaFortune, Providence City Council


  • Seema Singh, Perez Knoxville City Council


  • Franklin Bynum, Judge 8 th Criminal Court Houston
  • Gregorio Casar, Austin City Council
  • Julie Ann Nitsch, Austin Community College Trustee
  • Danny Norris, Harris County Education Board
  • DaSean Jones, Judge, 180th Criminal Court Houston


  • Lee J. Carter, Virginia State House


  • Ananda Mirilli, Madison District School Board

Would the DSA members in elected office across the country agree with the radical resolutions recently approved at the DSA convention in Atlanta, GA in August? Just a small sample of some of the resolutions approved at the convention include support of Open Borders, working closely with Antifa, strengthening ties with international communists, abolishing ICE in addition to abolishing ALL police and prisons, prioritizing the Green New Deal and Single Payer (Medicare for All), and more.

See Keywiki for a list of DSA-Affiliated Candidates and Elected Officials.


These socialists often run as democrats, as they would not win if they ran as socialists, another illustration of their subversive nature. For example, here are some screenshots from DSA member Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s campaign materials from when she was running for New York’s 14th congressional district:

Screenshot of AOC’s campaign website

Screenshot of AOC’s campaign website


Screenshot of AOC’s now-deleted Twitter Profile